Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Week Full of Shootings In Knoxville TN City Out of Control

By all accounts, Knoxville TN is a beautiful city with a small amount of crime. Those that rely on the three main Knoxville news outlets, KnoxNews, WATE, and WBIR, for their news are probably unaware of the growing crime within the city. These so-called news outlets will do their best to hide the crime, since it would hurt the University's ability to generate a revenue. Who would send their child to the University of Tennessee knowing there was a shooting nearby nearly every night? And, there is no borderline. East, west, south, north, and central. Each area of Knoxville is equally dangerous.

Below, you will discover a compilation of Knoxville gun shots and shootings. In all likelihood, you've never heard of these, since the majority went unmentioned by the media. The compilation expands over a period of a week or so and only contains some of the night's events.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Tennessee Politicians Don’t Want You To Know About Immigrant Crim

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to one of the most popular NCAA sports programs in the United States. University of Tennessee offers students from all walks of life the opportunity to earn a degree that will carry them throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately the city is riddled with crime, but you would never know this, because the politicians (on local and federal levels) are diligently keeping this hid.

The Police of Chief, David Rausch recently went public about his concern for the increasing number of accidental suicide, linked to prescription drug abuse. He went so far as to address Congress about the opioid epidemic and request federal funding to combat the issue. This would include substance abuse treatment and an overabundance of Naloxone. Congress is set to pass a bill to combat opioid abuse that would make TN eligible for $24 million over a 2-year time period.

While Rausch is busy being an advocate for the victims of substance abuse, the crime in Knoxville continues to spiral out of control. In the meantime, WBIR, WATE and Knoxville News Sentinel are refusing to report on these crimes, keeping the residents in the dark. Bill Haslam, Bob Corker, and Lamar Alexander are so busy advocating for the University of Tennessee that they refuse to admit that there is a crime problem. However, if you are interested in this data, you can always visit the Raids Online Crime Mapping website, which offers a layout of crime in the city and outlying areas. You can click on the color-coded map blimp symbols to get a brief overview of the crime and location.

In 2014, Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam, voiced his opinion about legal immigration. He stated, “Illegals could have a significant impact on state and local governments.” Many Tennesseans are probably not even aware of the fact that the state is classified as a “sanctuary city”. According to Lavinia Limon, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants President, immigrants become a legal resident of the U.S. as soon as they land in the country. As of 2016, over 11,000 Syrian refugees have already made their home in the U.S. and $1.5 billion (last year) was spend on employment and health services for these protected groups. Haslam recently spoke to the press, stating that 1,000 more immigrants are expected to arrive by the end of the year.

It seems that migrants are being strategically located in predominately republican and white communities. Obama and the democrat senators and representatives are working overtime, like honeybees to make sure that the republican voting districts are reduced to squalor. If this continues at this pace, the republican politicians can kiss their positions and opportunities goodbye. There will surely be more “white flight” activity in the near future, because there will be no employment opportunities and the crime rate will continue to escalate out of control in these states.

Here is one example of immigrant crime in Knoxville. Hadadi is charged with rape and kidnapping, but was released after a 72-hour hold.

Andreas is charged with premeditated attempted murder.

Gomez is also charged with premeditated attempted murder. Gomez and Andreas were probably working as a team to eradicate their victim. UPDATE: WBIR finally reported today that Gomez and Andreas were working together to ambush the two KPD officers. 

Abdullah is charged with intentional aggravated burglary, with assault. 

Hermosillo is charged with burglary of a vehicle and attempted theft. It appears that he has failed to abide by the terms of his probation. 

Caceres is charged with aggravated burglary and sexual battery. 

Sanchez has committed too many crimes to mention them all, but be sure to take note of his aggravated rape and attempted first degree murder. 

Munoz is charged with counterfeiting. 

The moral of the story is that these crimes goes unnoticed. The Tennesseans have the right to know this information, because they are considered public records. Unfortunately for many, they do not find out about these statistics until they become a victim. Americans are more than willing to invite refugees into their country, but it appears that Obama has chosen the worst from the list. UT students and their parents need to know about these crimes, as well. Many of the female students are forced to walk back and forth from their apartment to the UT Campus every day. Just imagine if one of these criminals are lurking around the corner, just to nab your precious child. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Knoxville Clown and the Lying KPD Cops and Media

Recently, Knoxville, Tennessee residents have been bombarded with sightings of a potentially dangerous clown. Obviously, the clown is nothing more than a silly joke. Probably a friendly college student, who is out for a little fun. No harm no foul, right? Well, Knoxville's friendly police department has done goofed. The friendly KPD has gone out of their way to try and make the clown incidents seem like a social media myth.

KPD knoxville clown sightings

Unfortunately, while the clown might be a big joke and harmless, the Knoxville Police Department is blatantly lying to the public. Several days ago, the clown was spotted around UT campus. He or she was roaming around playing "purge music". The cops didn't understand it, but searched the scene anyway. Since then, the clown has been spotted several times. The Knoxville Police Department wants you to believe that the pictures are staged in an attempt to add credibility to their claims.

knoxville WBIR KPD clown
Source: WBIR
The Knoxville clown has been spotted multiple times and the KPD is well aware of it. In fact, the police dispatcher was a little hesitant to send an officer to a scene, due to its close proximity to the clown sightings.

Well, now that the truth is out there, the questions remain. Why would KPD lie about something so silly and minor? In the future, more is to come. We have already exposed the Zaevion Dobson myth thanks to our Knoxville contributor. With their help, we will be able to dig a little deeper, until the media and KPD are forced to admit that Knoxville and the University of Tennessee aren't safe for your children.

While the clown might be a joke, the stories ahead are not and they have been swept under the rug, while your children have been residing near UT campus unaware of the dangers lurking around the corner. Keep checking back for updates.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Terence Crutcher - Another Nog Suicide By Cop

If you haven't heard about the Terence Crutcher shooting in Tulsa, you're living under a rock. The media has once again found a story, which is just controversial enough to fit their narrative. Soros has unleashed his Black Lives Matter monkeys once more to wreak havoc on the city of Tulsa. Sadly, the shooting of Terence Crutcher is just another in a long list of black people committing suicide at the hands of police officers. This time, it just happens to be a white female, so things are a little original. Nonetheless, this story will gain fame, due to the fact that the shooting was controversial and there is enough evidence to swing the pendulum in both directions.

Since The Conservative Tree House has its head up Trump's rear and doesn't cover the essentials anymore, we will. Shall we break down the facts and learn the truth about Crutcher's shooting? Here we go.

A Bad History And The Look To Match
According to all reports, Terence Crutcher was a goot boy. The new Heights Christian Center, where Crutcher attended regularly, had a massive congregation of 35 people on Sunday morning. The group jumped up and down, scratched their pits, and oowwed and awweed in the name of Jeeeezus. Crutcher sang in the choir and supposedly had a beautiful voice. Accordingly to Daily Mail, the man was a pastor. Was Terence Crutcher really a goot boy, who would do no wrong? As always, there is very little good around blacks. Crutcher was not a good boy.

mugshots Terence Crutcher

Goot boy Crutcher wasn't out singing hymns and preaching the gospel. He was arrested multiple times, but you wouldn't know it, if you used Jewoogle as your primary search engine. Crutcher knew the police very well. In fact, he was arrested just as recently as March 2016.

terrence crutcher violent arrests
Unsurprisingly, Google's search engine opted to keep all of this hidden. When attempting to find evidence of Crutcher's criminal history, Google presents nothing of interest, aside from the goot boy stories. Bing, on the other hand, proved to be a little more accurate.

google hides Terence Crutcher mugshots

While Google hides all pages containing Crutcher's mugshots, Bing displays them proudly.
why use bing search engine

So, what have we learned? Google is bad and so was Terence Crutcher. His arrest portfolio matched his dangerous appearance. He was naturally cross with the police just like his eye was crossed naturally. And of course, the mainstream media attempted to hide the cross eyes! Would you be scared if this big nog crossed you in a dark alley?

Update - Nig was on PCP! HAHAHA

terence crutcher pcp

The Hands Up Myth
And of course, it is impossible to have a police shooting without the hands up or just eatin' a sandwich myth. Did Crutcher put his hands up before being shot? Yes, but they were put down shortly afterwards. His hands are up and he seems to be walking away from the police officer. Several other officers arrive and Crutcher continues approaching his vehicle. Why? Why was he headed in the opposite direction. This is always against protocol. Why were they multiple cops and a helicopter? Obviously Crutcher presented a risk or this would be unnecessary.

Crutcher's hands are up at the 22 second mark. And, they're down at the 23 second mark. At this point, Crutcher does his best to get shot. He seems to fumble through his pockets or reach into the vehicle, before he is gunned down. Officers admit Crutcher refused to follow commands. Duh. And he may or may not have been tasered. Here is a secret for all you white liberal cucks, tasers do not work. Be sure to check out the video here and follow along. Tasers are beyond worthless.

  • - Check 2 minutes in. White cuck, who appears to be the biggest puss in the world, continues forward despite being tasered.
  • - And another. White trash is tasered and he doesn't even give a funk.
  • - Nig escapes despite being tasered.
Tasers should be banned and replaced with lethal weapons. They do not work and neither does mace.

Bottom Line
At the end of the day, liberals, white cucks, and nignogs will never be able to comprehend common sense. I could go on and on, but it wouldn't do a bit of good. The media has already corrupted the minds of these individuals, which is why white women keep getting killed by nogs.

nog dies blame woman

And, it is truly a shame the feminists have failed to stand up for the heroic Betty Shelby. Shelby had been with the force for 5-years and had not been sanctioned once. She was the first female officer to join the Underwater Investigation Unit. Thankfully, she was smart enough to call for backup and not try to tackle the belligerent Crutcher on her own. And thank goodness for the bullet that entered Crutcher rending him deceased. Guns are designed for these specific situations, in which the big black bully tries to push his weight around on the small white woman.

white cucks love nigs

Where is Hillary Clinton? Isn't she the ultimate super woman? Shouldn't she be taking up for her fellow female? Where are the feminists? Now, poor Shelby is being thrown under the bus for being white and female. Yet, Clinton is supposed to be a protector of women? Nope. It should also be noted that half of the video is missing according to Shelby's attorney. When will cops and the worthless Unions stand up for their officers? When will officers stand up for themselves?

The conclusion here is already set in stone. Shelby will be fired and a nignog will take her place. Just another step forward in the agenda to make the white race powerless. There is no more diverse workforce in America than law enforcement. Yet, it doesn't seem the matter. Whites are still holding blacks down. Despite countless programs to give blacks job and initiatives to give jobs to blacks and Mexicans, minorities continue to believe everyone is against them.

Shelby is just another step in the transformation of law enforcement and it won't stop, until blacks, Mexicans and Asians are the majority on the force. The incident is very similar to the stupid nog Floyd Lee Jammer Jr in Sweeny, Texas. Be sure to check out the video here. The cops coddled the nog extensively and he was ready to pounce on the lone female cop. Betty Shelby was smart enough to defend herself. Give her a medal.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fancy Bear And The US Dopers

During the lead up to the Rio Olympics, American media outlets had a field day with the Russian doping scandal. It was yet another attempt by the United States government to convince their citizens to develop a hatred for Russia. Those with a little bit of common sense knew from the beginning that nearly all Olympic athletes dope to some degree. Nonetheless, idiots throughout the country took up for their precious American athletes, while they single handily crushed the competition. Anyone, who couldn't see that the most likely dopers were Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, were snorting, smoking or shooting some strong stuff.

And, America used the Rio Olympics to push their feminist and black propaganda, while spreading the anti-white sentiment. The women's gymnastics team, which included two nignogs, two beaners, and a token white, gained the majority of the fame. Thanks to the hacking collective, Fancy Bear, we now know the group's leader, Simone Biles, cheated her way to stardom. While token white Madison Kocian was forced to the back of the bus, Biles dominated the competition. The media ate it up. All the while, Biles was doped to the gills.

simone biles doping

Simone Biles
Simone Biles was tested by WADA on August the 11th of 2016. The in competition test found methylphenidate in Biles' urine. While the medication is intended for the treatment of ADHD and the like, Biles is seemingly normal. She is always calm and hasn't turned into a laughing stock like Ryan Lochte. Suffice to say, she most likely doesn't have ADHD. So, why take methylphenidate? The answer is simple. Biles needed an edge over the competition. Biles was tested again on August the 14th. The results were identical.

Again on the 15th! Again, the results were the same. And the 16th. Again, same results. Unsurprisingly, Biles wasn't popped. Why? The WADA is most likely working directly with the United States to ensure their athletes receive therapeutic use exemptions for performance enhancing drugs. Even worse is the fact that Biles' therapeutic use exemptions go back to September of 2012. It is safe to say the majority of her wins were earned, while she was full of drugs. Her TUE doesn't expire until December the 8th of 2018. The next time you see Biles competing she will be on drugs. Just remember that many idiotic Americans defended Biles and insists gymnasts didn't need performance enhancing drugs. Wrong!

serena and venus williams drugs

The Williams Sisters
It has never been a secret that the Williams sisters were likely doping on something. Their bodies are ungodly unnatural. They're fifteen times bigger and bulkier than their opponents. Thanks to Fancy Bear once again, we finally know the truth. Both women have been doped to the gills for an extensive period of time. Their black superiority has been shattered. They're nothing more than cheats.

These women are simply too old to be able to compete with their younger competitors, yet they manage to beat the majority of them time and time again. Both sisters have been allowed to utilize PEDs extensively. Serena has been on oxycodone and hydromorphone. She has also been using prednisone, methylprednisolone and prednisolone. Meanwhile, Venus is on prednisone, triamcinolone, formoterol, and prednisolone. Serena needs opioids, because she is too old to compete! Yet, the WADA allowed her to dope and the drugs gave her the ability to compete at a level well below her age.

This again shows the hypocrisy of sports in America. Serena is good for tennis and the United States. Recently, American media outlets insisted nobody would watch the tennis finale, since Serena wasn't there. And, the Obama government loves a black success story, even if it is one that is propped up by drugs and a faulty system.

Elena Delle Donne
Never heard of this one? Neither had we. Elena plays women's basketball. Elena consumes amphetamine and uses hydrocortisone. She has a TUE to use Adderall, which is primarily used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Of course, when the prescription drug is used by a normal individuals, such as Elena, they are given an improved performance. Their focus is sharpened and they're able to control their impulses more easily. In 2012, Adderall was referred to as the NFL's new, trendy PED by Fox Sports.

It had also become popular among WNBA players apparently. And of course, WADA allows Delle Donne to use the drug. The 27-year-old American has cheated the system with a little bit of assistance from those higher up the food chain. The Rio Olympics Gold medal winners should return their medals.

Who Is Next?
Fancy Bear admits their recent release is just the tip of the iceberg. So, who will be next? Will it be Katie Ledecky, who smashed records and squashed her competition without even breaking a sweat? Highly likely. How about Michael Phelps? During the Rio Olympics, Phelps behaved very awkwardly. At one point, he attempted to climb out of the pool and looked oddly similar to Hillary Clinton on 9/11. His limbs were useless and he was basically pulled out of the pool by his teammates. The video was shown on NBC, before being hidden.

NBC has been contacted about the video multiple times via Twitter, but the video has yet to surface. This happened one again the next night. Phelps struggled to get out of the pool, headed back stage for a few moments, and returned perfectly fine. Was he being treated with hydrocortisone or something similar? And what about Lilly King? She looks spectacular one night and dull the next. Will Fancy Bear have anything to say about King's performance?

How The Media Will Spin It
When the mainstream media is forced to admit that American athletes are doped to the gills, they'll glance over the facts. You'll hear very little about the athletes and their preference drugs. Instead, Fancy Bear will be linked to Russia and the media will attempt to use the link to convince Americans that Russians are evil. Don't buy it. Who is Fancy Bear? As Hillary Clinton would say, at this point what difference does it make?

It truly doesn't matter in the least. Fancy Bear should be commended for their efforts, whether they're an elite hacking group or a fapping 14-year-old in his parent's basement. And, the facts need to be emphasized. If American athletes are doping with the help of WADA, they're no better than the Russians belittled relentlessly by the American media. Will they be vilified by CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox and everyone else just like the Russian athletes were? Doping is doping, whether or not WADA allows it.

If you're autistic enough to need Adderall to put a frecking ball in a hoop, you shouldn't be playing basketball. If you're old and decrepit to the point that you need oxycodone and prednisone, you should be sitting on the couch.

GSP wada doping

WADA Is A Joke
WADA is widely considered to be the best of the best when it comes to stopping drug abusers. Sadly, WADA is no better than anyone else. It is a joke and needs to be shut down or restructured. And, if the company got tricked by a phishing scheme like Hillary Clinton and the DNC, they're incompetent and should keep their files in a basement.

If WADA is going to allow certain athletes to dope with PEDs, everyone should be allowed to dope with PEDs. The Therapeutic Use Exemption gives WADA the ability to act as judge, jury and executioner. It is simply unfair and ripe for abuse. There either should be no TUEs or everyone should be allowed to use anything and everything. The WADA or any other similar group should have no say so whatsoever over who gets to use what. Be sure to follow Fancy Bear on Twitter for future updates.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary's Health - Uproar, Silence, And Pure Stupidity

Today is September the 11th. All Americans fully recognize the importance of the day and most can vividly recall the moment those towers crashed to the ground like Jenga blocks. 15 years later, another tower came crashing to the ground. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton closely resembled tower 7 on Sunday. Despite the media's attempt to spin the story, the videos are out there, the concern is real, and the damage is done. Hillary didn't wobble or stumble. She was out cold and had lost control of her lower limbs. She was physically drug into the van by her handlers. Obviously, Clinton is seriously ill, but the media, Clinton and the DNC don't want you to know about it.

daily kos idiots

The Liberal Myth
Of course, the idiotic liberals want you to believe Hillary doesn't sweat. They want to push the narrative that Hillary is suffering from Hypohidrosis or Anhidrosis. According to Hillary's doctor, she frequently swims, walks, and performs Yoga. Those that have hypohidrosis should avoid activities, which increase the core temperature. This could also involve debates and highly stressful situations, such as serving as president of the United States. There is no proof that Hillary is suffering from such a disease. If she was, why wouldn't she say so? Hypohidrosis is minor compared to the conclusion reached by Donald Trump's supporters.

hillary ill

They're not confirming it, because it isn't true. Something far worse is at play here. If you believe Hillary is coughing up a lung, being drug around by her handlers, and fainting every few days, due to Hypohidrosis, you probably believe Kim Jong Un doesn't poo poo.

The Trump Supporter's Belief
Trump supports are a little more realistic, but also wrong. Their primary conclusion is Hillary is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. This is unlikely. Clinton doesn't suffer from the Michael J. Fox shake. Even those with onset Parkinson's disease will have some shakes. Clinton does not. Clinton is capable of sitting still. Bill, on the other hand, shakes like a leaf. Nearly every time he is speaking, his hands shake and he suffers from tremors. If anyone is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, it would most certainly be Billy Boy.

Other rumors have floated around, such as Clinton is suffering from a brain tumor. Others believe she has dementia. Maybe she is the reincarnation of Bob Flanagan and has cystic fibrosis? It would justify the constant coughing and the obvious congestion. COPD could be another possible explanation. Suffice to say, the pneumonia narrative being pushed out by the Clinton camp is silly. Her pneumonia, if she does indeed have pneumonia, would be the direct result of an inefficient immune system, due to a more serious ailment.

reddit 4 retards

Ongoing Dehydration
In 2012, Hillary Clinton was supposedly suffering from a nasty stomach virus, when she got dehydrated and collapsed at her home. Today, she was supposedly suffering from pneumonia, before she dehydrated and collapsed into the arms of her handlers. MMA fighters consistently drain themselves into nothing, so they won't have to fight anyone their own size. In February of 2015, TJ Waldburger fainted during his weight cut. 21-year-old Yang Jian Bing died in December of 2015 after dehydrating himself and suffering from a possible heat stroke.

Leandro Souza died in 2013 before making weight. Of course, he was taking diuretics. Nonetheless, these guys get IVs and Pedialyte. Moments later, they're back to perfect. Hillary Clinton isn't cutting weight and shouldn't be on diuretics, unless she is trying to slim down. So, why is she dehydrating every few years? You don't have to be a doctor to know this pneumonia excuse is bullshat.

The Seriousness Of Syncope
The media and Clinton camp are playing off the fainting spell as nothing, but another Trump conspiracy. Syncope or fainting is very serious and results from a loss of consciousness, due to a lack of oxygen in the brain. In order to pass out from dehydration, the condition needs to be severe. In a normal individual, there would need to be frequent vomiting and/or diarrhea. So, how serious is Clinton's spells? When the brain is deprived of oxygen, moderate to severe brain cell death is possible and this could lead to a permanent loss of neurological function.

It could also result in lifelong mental disability and even death. According to the government's own website, 911 should be called anytime someone over the age of 50 faints. As pointed out by Dr. Michael McKenna, "Anytime you're messing with oxygen supply to the brain you are putting yourself at extreme risk."

The Real Problem
At the end of the day, it simply doesn't matter if Clinton is dealing with heat exhaustion or a prolapsed rectum. The real problem is that Clinton and her team cannot be trusted and they're not making the problem any better. The truth remains hidden, so the rumors continue to swirl. Until the truth and the whole truth is revealed, Clinton will remain on her death bed. If she didn't have something so terrible to hide, it would already be released. Sadly, the American people are being blinded by the media, who fails to do their job and demand answers.

Unless answers are given, Americans will go to polls not knowing the whole truth and those voting for Clinton will be taking a huge risk. The truth about Hillary's condition is unknown. She could die weeks after entering office, sooner, or later. We just don't know. Is the gamble worth taking? For some, it doesn't seem to matter.

reddit loves sick hillary

Friday, September 9, 2016

Another Black Lives Matter Hoax Video Asheville North Carolina

The Black Lives Matter movement loves to selectively pick and choose their battles. Instead of selecting innocent victims, the group has a habit of defending the indefensible. This week's BLM black hero is a 16-year-old female from Asheville, North Carolina. The incident took place several days ago and happened on the girl's birthday. As usual, the African American yuffs were doing nothing wrong, aside from drinking 40s, twerking in the streets, and blatantly disturbing the neighbors. Don't forget the dank. Just another day in the hood. The birthday quickly spiraled out of control with the arrival of the police. Only a 9 second video has been released in relation to the event.

The video shows Fleming struggling with an officer, before being pushed to the ground. The video ends as quickly as it begins. It offers no substance, but has still managed to get social justice warriors and white guilt losers up in arms. It is truly impossible to identify the problem and fully analyze the situation, since there simply isn't enough evidence. This is often the case with BLM videos. As always, things aren't clear cut and BLM has once again decided to defend a certified triple loser. In the video, we can tell the incident clearly revolves around the arrest of Kacee Fleming's brother, Dominique Fore.

kacee fleming crimes

Dominique put up very little resistance. Why should he? He has been in jail and prison repeatedly and is likely well familiar with the local police. However, his sister fed into the baloney being dished out by the media, BLM, and even President Obama. She attempted to interject herself into the situation and prevent the arrest of her brother. Police also allege that Fleming tried to get something out of her brother's pocket. At that point, Fleming could've easily pulled out a firearm and shot police. Thankfully, that didn't happen. However, police got a little physical with the 16-year-old perp, she was knocked to the ground, and she was eventually arrested.

Police charged the 16-year-old as an adult, which is certainly a good thing. The officer involved was identified as Shalin Oza. Who knows what type of nationality that is associated with? Nonetheless, the racial argument doesn't apply here. An Oza wouldn't be granted the white privilege, which has been bestowed upon the white race. What do we know about the situation other than the 9 seconds captured on Jewbook Live?

The Full Video
Of course the media did their best to keep the full video secret. It simply wouldn't look good otherwise. The trimmed down 9 second video is far more effective for their agenda. From the full video, we can see that Kacee fights with the cops for far too long. The cops entered a black war zone that night. But, they managed to maintain their cool and not taser anyone. In fact, Kacee was treated with kid gloves for the majority of the video. Despite the barrage of hoodrat gibberish, the cops handled the situation, arrested the targets, and headed out of the hood.

No Parental Guidance
We know positively know that Kacee Fleming received little to know parental guidance. The incident took place on Monday or was at least posted to Facebook on that day. Don't these kids have school? Why are they out walking the streets after dark with a know felon, who has a warrant out for his arrest? Of course, Kacee's mother, Crystal, also lashed out at police. She doesn't trust them anymore. According to the mother, Fleming was only trying to tell police that her brother was recently discharged from ICU. And, big momma justified the Black Lives Matter movement.

court kacee fleming

kacee fleming court blm

When you're 15-year-old and forced to head to the courthouse to see your sister's boyfriend, you got problems on your hands. And, it certainly doesn't help when you're scheduled for court too. Sadly, the social media pages for these girls are overflowing with slotty overly sexual pictures. Where are the parents? Kacee's social media tells us daddy is gone, left without even saying goodbye. Maybe he returned and let her get a tattoo at 16? That is definitely going to brighten her future!

Like Father Like Daughter
Unfortunately, Kacee and her brother have been let down by their father, K.C., who is now paraplegic. KC, aka Albert Fleming, was arrested for shooting an 18-year-old may at the Deaverview Apartments in Asheville in 2002 or so. KC and his friends attempted to rob the victim, who was shot twice, when he attempted to run away. By 1999, Fleming accumulated 13 criminal convictions. After the robbery and shooting, Fleming become a snitch. And, as the old saying goes, snitches get stitches. Poor old KC got put in a wheelchair. Fleming was shot by a "stranger" on June the 16th of 2003.

blacks hate cops
Daddy calls for cop heads

The old news report can be found here. Despite being in a wheel chair, old Albert has still managed to get himself arrested several times. In 2003, the Flemings had a bright future. They spent their days waiting to see if Albert could get government aid and waiting for the resolution of pending assault charges. Albert has had over 50 arrests since 1990. Kacee is already on a similar path.

kc fleming wheelchair

Hillcrest Apartments
It should be known that the aforementioned incident took place at Hillcrest Apartments. Unsurprisingly, the primarily minority apartment complex experiences an abundance of crime. In late 2007, a shooting within the community sparked outrage and concern from the locals. Anne wrote, "I'm scared to death of "The Projects". She also admitted she wouldn't drive through the community. Another anonymous poster complained about the able bodied men in the area that were hanging out, doing nothing, and collecting government money. Another black neighborhood. Is anyone really surprised?

In 2012, police launched an initiative to clean up the Hillcrest community. They obviously failed miserably. One local, who worked there as a General Contractor, spoke about his experience. He insisted he would observe dirty needles all over the property each and every morning. And, dirty diapers would be slung out of the apartment doors and onto the streets. Another local was baffled by the fact that the Section 8 housing community members couldn't get along with one another. Hillcrest was referred to as a crime pit where taxpayer dollars are thrown away day after day.

Finally, one local told the liberals to stop covering up for these black criminal animals. Nonetheless, Hillcrest isn't a good place and whites should most certainly stay away. Is it any surprise cops went on the defensive within the community?

Dominique Fore
After searching the media's posts of the incident, I kept stumbling across the name "Dominic Fore". This isn't the criminal's real name and was probably used as an alias to prevent snoopers from finding his criminal record. Even his social media accounts are hidden by a false name. Nonetheless, it doesn't take a genius to figure out Dominic equates to Dominique. Try harder Daily Mail. So, why were the police after Fore anyway? Surely he was a goot boy and didn't do anything wrong.

dominique fore crimes

Yep, Dominique Fore isn't a good guy. And this is just a start.

felon dominic fore

Dominic Fore is a career criminal at this point. Why was he out on the streets to begin with? And, why would momma and dadda allow their 16-year-old daughter to hang out with the guy? This is so typical with black lives matter. The group always defends the indefensible. And it is common within the black community. Criminals aren't criminals. Crimes aren't crimes. They're good boys.

Why won't Black Lives Matter stop being so much of a joke? Go to Detroit and get involved. Join Batman 3000! He'll show you where to get started. Cheerio. Detroit Street Watcheeeerrs!!! Neighborhooooood watch program!