Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guide To Scoring Some Pain Pills

Do you have an addiction to pain pills or know someone that does? If so, then you know how difficult it can be to get a physician's prescription for a month's supply of Hydrocodone or Percocet. Here are some tips that will help you score some pain pills so that you can get your fix and quick.


Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is very difficult to diagnose. The only way your physician can diagnose the disorder is by analyzing your signs and symptoms. Now, you will have to learn the symptoms like the back of your hand and they are as follows;

- Generalized Pain
- Weight Loss
- Fatigue
- Stiff Joints
- Poor Mobility

One important thing to remember, when going to the doctor and telling him/her that you have these symptoms, is that you are going to have to play the part, as well. Grab your cane or walker and go to town impressing the doc so he will feel sorry for you and write you a script for 30 Percocet.

Chest Pain

This is the best diagnosis ever, because it will not only score you pain pills, but it will also earn you top spot in the emergency room, triage unit. Just tell them that you have been experiencing chest pain for about thirty minutes and you will instantly receive top notch, medical assistance and care. Signs of chest pain includes;

- Pain Radiating Down Your Left Arm
- Chest Tightness
- Shortness Of Breath
- Cold Sweats
- Dizziness & Fatigue

Again, you are going to have to act the part, as well. Just know that pretending to have chest pain can come back to haunt, you one day so take this into consideration, before you commit to this sneaky act. This diagnosis will earn you a bed in the Hyatt, I mean hospital, with around the clock nursing care and pain pills.

Back Pain

Another great diagnosis that will earn you some pain pills and some muscle relaxants, which is a double whammy is back pain. The doctor truly has no way of diagnosing back pain so they will most likely take your word for it. Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of back pain, before you head to the doctor's office. Of course, you will need to tell the doc how you hurt your back, you must be creative in choosing an appropriate task that caused you to injure your back, but with a little acting, you will score yourself a script of pain pills.

When in doubt, Doctor Shop

Doctors pretend to be cracking down on those of us, who need our pain medications, which can cause some difficulties, but shouldn’t deter you. No, you need to remember that there are numerous doctors throughout your state, who are desperate for that Medicaid money! Be prepared to fill up your gas tank and travel a short distance to the other doctors, within your area. If at first you don’t get those Xanax, travel until you do. Eventually, you’ll find a crooked doctor, who needs patients and money! From there, you’ll be laid up in bed, after snorting those little blue footballs!

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