Friday, February 27, 2015

How To Turn Your Oil Paintings Into A Priceless Masterpiece

george zimmerman paintings

Are you someone that loves to paint in your downtime? Many artists find it frustrating that they can never sell a piece of their art and when they do, they are lucky if it puts $5 into their wallet. Do not let this keep you from enjoying your hobby and giving up on your goal of becoming a famous artist, because there are plenty of tricks of the trade.

Commit A Heinous Crime

Everyone knows that committing a crime will earn them notoriety. Becoming a psychopathic, serial killer will definitely do the trick, but there is a catch. You must kill more than three people on several different occasions, during a three or four month period. Now, when you go to choose your victims, be sure to stay away from family members. You will gain more fame from murdering those that are popular, unarmed teenagers, or school officials. Surely, you have heard of George Zimmerman, he is a prime example that this fact reigns true.

Becoming A Cult Leader

If you have any talent as a salesman, you will have no difficulties becoming a cult leader. Start by luring people into your web of lies and they will follow and multiply over time. Just remember if you do choose to become a famous cult leader, Jim Jones, the American government may step into your empire and burn it down to the ground. That is why, you definitely ought to consider taking your cult empire to a foreign country such as Guyana or Waco, Texas. Of course, you are going to need to study the word of the Bible, before you can pull this off, but it is not beyond doing.

Plan A Unique Bank Heist

Now, this should not be difficult right? I mean, with all of the small town robberies that are going on around the world, there shouldn't be much work to it. Most bank employees are told to stand down and hand over the money to the robber. This is good news, right? Of course, it is, but you are going to have to plan a heist like no other. By devising a very unique and creative heist plan, you will earn more notoriety than you could have ever imagined. The only downside to this idea is you are going to have to be able to pull it off, without a hitch.

Serial Rapist Turn Women On

Becoming a serial rapist is not that difficult, especially if you are a halfway decent looking guy. Women are turned on by men, with confidence and a huge ego. If you got both of these going on, then you will have no trouble becoming one of the most famous, serial rapists of all times. There is one trick to this trade that is vital in pulling this stunt off and that is you are going to be forced to find a unique, signature trademark. It must be unique and never done before so think long and hard, before you start your reign as a serial rapist.

Drug Lords Are Extremely Popular

One last career option that you have to choose from is becoming a Drug Lord. Of course, this job ain't gonna be easy, by no means. The best way to start this lucrative business is to score a couple of friendships with cops, CIA agents, federal judges, and border control agents. These friendships are going to be vital to your business and you must earn their respect and pay for it. Before you know it, you will be one of the richest and most powerful Drug Lords of all times. If you find out that the FBI is onto your trade, be sure to go down hard, because you want to hit the front page of the Daily Mail.


Once you get caught in action, doing your dirty deeds, which you will, you will be able to sit behind bars and paint all day long. Your art will be worth millions and you will have all the right in the world to be proud of your accomplishments. Your comrades will be flocking to you, with a realm of support, by setting you up, with a GoFundMe Page. You will never have to worry about supplies, since you will be awarded a free Amazon Prime Members thanks to your efforts.

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