Saturday, February 28, 2015

Protecting Your Child from Autism

Protecting Child from Autism

Although many people do not know it, autism is a hoax very serious condition, which will ultimately impact your child's life for the rest of his and your life. Although there has been many research studies into the problem, all have concluded that autism spectrum disorders are all bullcrap originated from many potential sources. Leading scientists Jenny McCarthy have concluded that vaccinations are responsible for the fake life altering disease. By understanding the leading excuses for your spoiled brat causes of autism, you can eliminate the risks.

Vaccinations and Autism

The leading cause excuse for autism horrible children is believed to be vaccinations. The link was discovered after a long night of partying scientific studies perform by American Aspergers sufferer scientist Jenny McCarthy who should know, since he was married to super autism sufferer Jim Carrey. This was backed up by the brilliant comedian anti-vaccination activist, Alex Jones, who also linked Autism to GMOs fluoride, antibiotics, Tylenol, antihistamines and flu shots.

With a team of scientists, the pair discovered the MMR, measles, mumps and rubella vaccination, to be the source best excuse for being a horrible parent of autism. When it comes down to it, one must determine, whether autism is more dangerous than these illnesses. Would you rather have a child, who is a walking zombie is a crystal child, or do you risk the dangerous side effects of MMR, which potentially cause your child to go blind and deaf?

Bad Environment Horrible Parenting

Of course, other factors have also been blamed for autism misbehaving children. Particulate air pollution is also a cause and will give you an excuse, when your kid acts like a total arse. By exposing children to unhealthy air and not beating them, they'll become much more likely to develop the problem. By subjecting your kids to flavonoids, herbicides, tobacco smoke and tattoo ink, parents will have an excuse to sign their kids up on medicaid you are increasing their chance of developing autism an arsehole attitude.


There has been quite a stir about the recent GMO controversy, with many attention seeking leading scientists supporting inventing a link between autism and GMOs. Again, Alex buy my water filters Jones suggests genetically modified organisms are the perfect excuse for terrible mothers root cause of autism. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but the debate will rage on.

How to Spot Autism a brat

Below, you will find the warning signs that your kid is about to murder you in your sleep of autism.

  1. No smiles, giggles or laughs Your kid hates being around you
  2. Child is unable to speak small phrases by 24 months He/She is a dumba$$
  3. Child uses language in an incorrect manner Again, a dumba$$
  4. He or she takes things too literally No sense of humor, much like you!

Reduce Autism Chances Proper Behavior Correction

Avoid drugs, while pregnant Stop the heroine
Proper care, while avoiding chemical pollutants when misbehaving, beat mercilessly

Goods of Autism

Of course, autism isn't so bad. There are a few upsides. You'll be able to have something in common, with Jenny McCarthy, besides being married to an idiot and being a horrible parent! On the other hand, you will gain access to many awesome groups, which forbid parents, who properly discipline their children. Last, but most importantly, the government is more than willing to support your vegetable, with SSI! You'll never have to worry about working again!

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