Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tips That Help You Keep That New Girlfriend For A Long Time Coming

Have you recently went through twenty girlfriends and wonder why you can't keep em'? Many men think in the beginning of a new relationship that it will last forever. Unfortunately, two weeks passes and you are back out there on the prowl for a new girlfriend. Are you tired of this old routine? This article will give you some great tips that could potentially help you find a girl and keep her.

Are You Digging For Gold?

One of man's worst habits is picking their nose. It is vital that you never pick your nose in front of a new girlfriend. Geez! At least wait, until you have been dating her for a month. This can ruin a relationship quicker than it takes water to put out a brush fare. The only way you might get by with this habit is if she thinks you are digging for gold. This disgusting habit will earn, you a bachelor status quicker than any other.

Are You Checking Your Ass Or Scratching Your Watch

Have you ever been out, with a new girl and your butt starts itching? Of course, you start digging deep to find the itch, without even giving it a second thought. Hopefully, she doesn't catch you in action, because if she does, you are gonna be a loner again. It is a lot of hard work to find a good girl and when you do find her, you want to keep her, but it ain't gonna be easy.

Eww! That Smells Like You Farted Out Your Mouth

Burping is definitely a bad habit that most men find comical. Have you ever competed in a full blown, burping competition? If so, then you are going to be a master as this skill, but that doesn't mean that your new girlfriend is gonna appreciate your masterful skills. Of course, you gotta impress the new girl, by taking her out to a romantic restaurant. Be sure to show how much, you enjoyed the meal and service, by giving the waitress a huge tip not by burping. Although, belching is an Indian custom, this does not make it acceptable in America.

Licking It Clean

If you want to impress the girl be sure to cook her a romantic dinner. Show her that you have great skills in the kitchen and will be glad to serve her breakfast in bed every once in the while. If you do not know how to read and follow recipes, you can always get your mama one make one of her famous creations. Candles and soft music add romance to any meal, but never lick the plate, after you get done eating. This is a popular custom in the Philippines, but not in the great ole' U.S.A. Heck! After a stunt like this, she won't even say goodbye, as she escapes out the door. All that hard work will be washed down the drain and you will be headed back to PlentyOfFish (POF).

Is Slurping Soup Bad Table Manners

Well, if you grew up, with parents that loved to loudly, slurp their soup, then you may think this is just a family tradition. Girls find this hideous action such a turn off. Never, never, never slurp your soup in front of your new girlfriend, because she ain't gonna like it. If you feel like, you will not be able to avoid the tradition, just do not order soup, with your meal. Now, once you reach that one month threshold, then it may be time to introduce her to your family custom, but until then do not even think about it.

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