Tuesday, February 24, 2015

World's Most Popular & Unpopular News Aggregator: Topix

In the past, people settled their disagreements and feuds face to face, but boy times have changed. Some people like to make their disagreements public, by taking to Twitter and Facebook, while hiding behind their computers, they are still identifiable. For those that like to be a little more discreet, while voicing their opinions, spreading gossip, and adding comments to ongoing threads, which are created by real users, under fictitious names, topix.com is for you.

Vicious Gossip

The greatest thing about topix is, it is a no-holds-barred forum, which will allow you to create threads and post commits, while using a fictitious name. Even better, the target cannot possibly find out who you truly are, which is an added bonus for using the site. Many users will bite back by saying that they have discovered a way to track the poster, but the only people that have access to your IP address is the mods. 

Negative Post Removal Process

While many subjects are not even aware that they are being targeted by their enemies on the forum, others are well aware of it. In many cases, the target will request that the thread be removed, but wait! It is not that easy, because there is quite a process that you most go through to get the thread completely omitted from the topix talks. You must first report the forum abuse, and then describe why the thread should be removed, but truthfully, you are going to have to be created. For instance, many users will tell the mod that the thread could potentially be detrimental to their career or reputation. This will most likely do the trick, but good luck if it does not.

How Long Does It Take?

How long does it take? Well, that is a question that no one can truly answer, because there is not true answer to the question. Many users say that it takes about three business days or longer, but topix will avoid the issue for as long as possible so that everyone will have a chance to view and comment on the thread. 

Dang! It Reappears

Once the vicious thread is removed, do not be shocked if you see it reappear. An angry poster is not going to give up that easy. Many of the users are very clever, they will copy the thread content and save it, just in case it does get removed. One cannot win, with this gossip site and if you have any enemies BEWARE! 

Ongoing Threads

Believe it or not, many threads will remain on the main page for many months. If the thread becomes a hot topic, the mods will stamp it with a bright red, lightning icon, just because. Dead threads will descend from the front page, but do not think you are in the clear, just yet, because it can easily reappear faster than you would think. If someone posts on the thread, it brings it right back to the main page, again. A target cannot win on this site and that is a true fact. 


If you are visiting the site for the first time, do not be surprised, when you see fictional names such as;

- Dozerman
- Coalhearted
- Rolling On Two
- giveadamnisgone

Some users will go so far as to use real people's names as their user name, just to cause more controversy. Just pray that you do not become a target and end up on topix. It is nearly impossible to get your nasty thread removed, plus the posters are just waiting around the corner to restart the thread. IT IS A NO WIN SITUATION ON TOPIX! 

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