Tuesday, February 24, 2015

World's Worst Reasons for Unemployment

In America today, many people are unemployed for a good reason, but some for the wrong reasons. Some people work harder coming up with an excuse for unemployment than they would, if they were working. Sadly, but hilarious, some of the reasons for unemployment are pretty clever. Below, you will discover the worst reasons for being unemployed.

The work is too hard!

What? What are you? Some kind of pansy? Good lord son! Why do you think they call it work? Of course, it is going to be hard, difficult, boring or tedious. It is work and you're getting paid for a reason. Until you become rich and successful, you have to work for the rich and successful. Deal with it or change and improve your situation. This is the sad reality of America, but it is a reality. Get used to it already. Of course, enrolling in those government benefits isn't too hard, now is it?

I can't get up that early!

Ain't you ever heard of an alarm clock? Sometimes you've got to spend money, in order to make money, even if it is a twenty dollar bill. By the time you reach the age of 17 or 18, your mommy is no longer your alarm clock. Grow up, get out of bed and splash a little water on your face! Don't roll over and hit that snooze button, as much as it calls your name!

I don't like taking orders!

Well, don't go into fast food! Even if you rose up and became the president, you'd still be forced to take orders! Everybody is looking up to someone else. Suck it up and keep your mouth closed. You'll be alright, once you're allowed to go home! They cannot hold you for eternity, right?

Government benefits are easier!

Well….you're right. Good luck and just don't get caught. Sadly, this is America and living for free is as easy as telling a few lies.


Yep, go and get yourself on welfare and food stamps and live the good life!

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