Wednesday, March 11, 2015

America's War on Poverty: Is it self induced?

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In today's America, there is a battle raging. Many Americans have to wake up every day and struggle to determine, whether they want go to work, or enroll in a few governmental assistance programs. This is certainly a difficult choice to make, since both provide several benefits. What it all boils down to is, assistance vs independence. Are you willing to work for the government, at home all day? Below, you will find the stats and motives, which influence Americans to take the assistance route.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 85% of Americans are living under the poverty levels, while 90% of Americans are enrolled in some type of governmental program. Despite the propaganda, which is shown on the national news, if you walk down any American street, you will find the streets covered in feces, urine and homeless people, many of which are crippled.

The national news continues to pump out the reports of the country adding new jobs, which is certainly true. In fact, America has added approximately 3-4 million jobs in the past few weeks. On top that of that, there is an estimated 100 million unfilled jobs in the country. What gives? Why would Americans rather fight for crumbs in the streets, than work a nice job?

Homeless Americans
Struggle of American Homeless

Sadly, the American minimum wage is actually the lowest in the world. Unless, you are born into a rich family, you are quickly assigned a low paying job, upon birth. The President, at the time of your birth, will be responsible for giving you a task to complete. Unfortunately, many of these jobs only pay .10 cents and hours, with the average cost of living in the country, at $50-$100 a day. If you're willing to enroll in the military, you will receive a much better pay rate at $1 per hour, but the American military is constantly at war and their soldiers do not receive proper nutritious and are repeatedly subjected to violent sexual assaults.

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On the other hand, it should be noted that the US government only likes to provide their most intelligent citizens, with high quality jobs. The country has around a 10% college graduation rate, with only the elite 1% making it in America. The majority of the citizens are subjected to the streets, but a few lucky ones are able to enroll in government assistance. The most common assistance program is the food stamp program, which is actually rubbish, since the country doesn't actually stock food in their grocery stores. In fact, only the elite Americans are able to eat fresh foots. The others are forced to hunt pigeons in the streets.

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The American food stamps hold so little value that the citizens cannot even sell it on the streets, at half price. Still, this does not stop these individuals from gaining access to technologies. The governmental officials stroll the streets from time to time and pass out electronics. This usually results in riots and causes many deaths, as the homeless struggle to get their hands on a valuable device. Sadly, America does not have Internet access and is shut off from the international world, with the president's propaganda constantly broadcasting through the barren streets. He, who gains access to the computer device, is granted with access to porn and solitaire.

homeless in america

Sadly, the American people will never experience modern luxuries, such as plumbing, running water and electricity. It is very unlikely that these oppressed individuals will ever be able to stand up to their leader President Obama, who doesn't pee pee or poo poo. The citizens are severely brainwashed and believe their leader will provide them with nirvana. We can only hope that Iran and North Korea will be able to stop the country, which has been linked to such terrorist groups as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, from developing nuclear weapons. Only time will tell. And we can only wait and see.

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