Thursday, March 26, 2015

An Autist Experiments with Facebook

autism facebook

Hello, and welcome to the Internet's first reality blog show, An Autist Experiments with Facebook. This autism sufferer, who will remain unnamed, is pitiful, but loves bowling and Xbox! What will happen, when this miserable little man takes to Facebook? Will he be able to conquer the social giant?

autist facebook

Oh! Right off the bat! The autist is struggling. He's been holed up for so long that his Xbox 360 memory has been clogged. This is the true sign of an autism sufferer. No normal individual is capable of gaming hours on end.

drama facebook

Rut Roh! Here comes the slugger. The desire for attention didn't take very long did it? Here comes the pity parties. Woe is me! Surely, this poor soul will want to return to work and bowl! What else is there to life, besides hurling a heavy ball down a shiny track.

bowler autistic

And there you have it! Autist has been released to return to bowling. Isn't is so motivation, when an unprivileged individual shines and shows a little aspiration! Look out Roy E. Munson! Here comes Super Autist!

autist on facebook

Wait a minute! WTF? What kind of hideous wildebeest would marry someone, who is inoperative? This must be a true case of cat fishing?

bumming on facebook
Ha! And so it begins! Autist has no real concept of spending and money. Sure, just bum from a church. Well, at least he isn't complaining about being sick to his little tummy again.

Bumming on Facebook
It never ends! Sure, AAA gives you three tows a year. Why not waste one on an invalid? Surely, the autist will be able to return the favor?
lazy bum facebook
The Autist is not totally incompetent obviously. Who knew he would learn how to manage Facebook so quickly? Isn't it impressive?
facebook miracles
Sometimes, miracles do happen. Will the mighty little autist be able to achieve his goals, return to work, go back to bowling and marry the girl? This would be irrational deliberation, but just maybe, maybe just maybe, little autist can manage!
bumming on facebook

Sadly, the Facebook Autist will never experience true happiness. Despite encouragement from family and friends, his limited grasp on logic will always let him down. Somebody go ahead and get this man an exit bag. Life is harsh, but there is always a way out.

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