Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Trip Around the Returd Wagon

idiots on facebook

Life isn't all peaches and cream. When it drags you down, it is best to pray. God will instantly float down and score your team that winning touchdown. This poor soul believes it.

idiots on facebook

When you get angry, you should instantly go to Facebook and let everyone know about it. Of course, it is pertinent to ensure people can actually understand what you're typing. I mad so mad! Sounds like lyrics, huh?

social medial idiots

With this type of intelligence, why would you even need to attend school? Ok, now it is time to get serious. We've got Whitey the Gangster right around the corner.

Facebook Gangster

Being Gangsta is difficult, when you're a whitey, but this guy pulls it off with intensity and pure perfection. Don't you feel terrified just looking at him?

aholes on facebook

Oh wait, Whitey isn't a bad guy after all. Look, he's even brought his dear old granny a cake. Too bad it looks like he strangled her, before the picture was taken.

Facebook Stupid
And finally, Whitey Gangster's daddy. Obviously, Whitey likes to pull pranks, or maybe he's preparing for life behind bars? You decide. Judging from whitey's feminine style in the middle one, we'll assume the latter.

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