Friday, March 27, 2015

Facebook Returds: The Worst of the Worst

Facebook is an absolute goldmine for autists, returds, and incredibly stupid individuals. Here, we've collected a compilation of posts from the returdiest returd Facebook has ever seen. Prepare to be shocked, amazed and to have your self esteem boosted tremendously. When you see these, your IQ will instantly increase and you'll no longer feel like a total invalid.

facebook returds

Here at Funny Dawg, we're unaware of anyone, by the name of Aunt Faye. Of course, judging from the intelligence on this one, they may be talking about a massive dump and a Fay portable toilet. Our money is on this theory.

broke leg foot facebook

Here, this poor specimen appears to have suffered from a broke leg foot. Or, maybe it got hurt? Deciphering returdism is difficult indeed.

funny facebook
Four wheelers are fun, but are they real? Are you real? Or maybe you're just try of cutting the get. The stupidity is indeed strong with this one, my family friend.

funny articles

We need pray for Aunt Faye! She need that touch. For some reason, this sounds extremely filthy, when you consider those old blue and grey Fay toilets.

facebook returds

Oh boy, this one is so incredibly touching and heartfelt. Doesn't it just make your heart swell? If you can sift through this stupidity and come out sane, you're a god among men.

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