Saturday, March 28, 2015

Facebook's Very Own Adblogamo Snowwoman

Hi all! Let us introduce you to Facebook's very own Adblogamo Snowwoman. This here is the beauty of America.

facebook fat

This rare species moves at a slow pace, but is able to munch down on meals at 2,000 miles per hour. The Adblogamo Snowwoman, and people like it, is put on Earth for one reason and one reason alone, to entertain normal human beings, but it obviously doesn't mind. It revels in its own sorrow and pity, while laughing it up.

fat Facebook people

Still, deep down inside Adblogamo knows it will always be alone. Nobody wants to be around such a creature, unless they're using it in an advantageous manner, such as for laughs.

fat people facebook

If you happen to see one of these creatures out and about, it is advised to play dead. They love their meals putting a fight. Therefore, drop to the group and don't move. The angry beast will stomp the ground, and tremble the earth, before slowly skimping away.

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