Monday, March 9, 2015

Fat Kate Upton Cellulite Watch

Throughout the past few years, celebrities have grown, or shrunk, smaller and smaller. They slowly seem to be disappearing right before our eyes. Heck, even old fat arse Al Roker looks like he's got aids. Throw in Al Sharpton and you'll feel like you're in a third world African country. Throw in old stroke face, Greta Van Susteren, and you'll quickly realize you're right at home in good old America, where surgeons can turn a donkey into a horse and a former Olympic runner into a Christopher Reeves look-a-like. Of course, science isn't this mythological creature or stop you from getting fat. At the end of the day, if you're a little fat, have tons of cellulite, you may very well be…Kate Upton.

kate upton fat
100% Prime Cottage Cheese

It isn't nice to talk trash, unless you're right. Here, Funny Dawg is 100% right. Look at the jell-o bowl. God, that photoshop works wonders. It can even turn some perfectly innocent pictures, into complete nudes. Oh wait, wasn't that the iCloud? Who cares? What has been seen cannot be forgotten.

kate upton fat slabs
Fatty slabs
Sure, the pictures look fairly decent, if you don't look below the boobs. After this, you're going to be grossed out, by fat rolls. It is obvious from the picture on the right that poor Katie stuffed her fat little body into that bra. You can almost see it breaking the seams.

If we learned anything from the Fappening, it is the power of photoshop, lighting and tons of makeup. Celebrities, such as old Katie, looks great, until you see them, without all of the magic supplied by the powerful Hollywood elites. Check out the butt pictures. Sadly, her tiny pricked boyfriend has a more nicely shaped bum.

kate upton acne

Man, the power of Hollywood is very deceiving. Sadly, these girls don't look any better than your average cashier at your local Wal-Mart. At least the Wal-Mart girls make an honest living. Oh well, if all else fails, Katie can always star in a Proactiv commercial. At least that one might be a little more honest than the swimsuit angle.


  1. How about you post a picture of yourself so that others may but you on cellulite watch?

  2. You are the reason why young women in America are anorexic. Is your mind so diluted that you consider yourself someone who can call another person "fat"? Well, you must look like a cadaver to call her fat, or to assume people are" grossed" out by a naturally beautiful woman. Rethink your career and judgements when you post shit like this, and judge yourself before judging others!

    1. Anorexia is a mental disease. Shut the fuck up. NOBODY has Anorexia because someone called a celebrity fat. Show your citations, you fucking SJW dickhead "christopher artunduaga". FAT is the #1 insult in the world, where are the legions of anorexics? NOWHERE

  3. This is great. Can you not use capitalizations you stupid spick? These women need to be anorexic.