Friday, March 27, 2015

Go Fund Me Scammers

For those of you that are looking for a sweet donation for your honeymoon, exotic vacation, or a new home, you should definitely head to This website is filled to the brim with scammers that are looking for a handout. 
scam gofundme

These unabashed sweethearts are asking for cash donations, instead of the normal wedding registry.

gofundme scams

The cuddly lovers want to go to Costa Rica on their honeymoon and they want you to pick up the tab.
Internet scammers gofundme

These two sweet peas want you to support their cause, which is traveling around the world.
Now there are some cases that donations are in order, but in most of the campaigns, it is downright selfishness to ask for donations, when people around the world are struggling to pay their electric bill. Do you really want to support these causes? If so, then by all means head to and throw your money out the window. 
College Sorority
The Sigmas, a female college sorority is begging for a donation from you. A second year business student is begging for money to support her beauty pageant, which is scheduled for April 2015. Think about it, if you cannot afford to spend ten thousand dollars on a pageant gown, then maybe you should not enter, because the contests are for the rich.
What about That Fitness Competition?
Oh, those poor competitors that cannot seem to have enough money to compete, but they have tons of money to spend on gym memberships, workout and energy supplements, and nice sporting attire. What a shame, the hard working individuals need to support this worthy cause.
Miss Massachusetts
I guess, everyone was totally wrong, when they thought contestants for the Miss Massachusetts had enough money to support her matter. Of course, you should go to fundme right now and donate to this need.
Nationals for Autism 
Who knew that there was such a competition, as the Nationals for Autism? If you do not feel that this is a worthy campaign, you can always donate to Jay’s teeth fund. This young man was performing stunts, when he knocked his four front teeth out. Now do to his ignorance, he wants everyone else to pay for his expensive dental work.
Beautiful Iceland, would you not love to travel to Iceland or Greenland for a month long vacation? Everyone dreams about taking a vacation this grand, but we are realistic and know that it is out of your reach, but not the campaigners on gofund. I feel the need to donate right now. Not!
Moving Fund
On my journey, through the campaigns, I happened upon a lovely couple that just happened to have a handicap son. He obviously was under the care of a physician, but the mother took it upon herself to feed him a mouthful of cannabinoids. She was charged with four counts of gross misdemeanors, for her choice to give her nearly comatose son, this illegal drug. She now wants everyone to donate for her move across the country, in hopes of escaping her nasty past. 
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
go fund me scam

This lovable kitty wants your money so that he can make a beautiful calender. I could not think of a better cause to donate to.
go fund me scams

This powerful stud needs your money for a new motorcycle engine.
monk gofundme

This courageous monk just needs your money to help him decorate his one room hut.
STL UFO go fund me scam

I’ve decided that I am giving my money to this guy because he holds a campaign that is close to my heart. “Save the STL Flying UFO”.
riding lawn mower gofundme scam

Now this definitely hit home, because I just bought a riding lawnmower, but I put a lot of hard work, sweat, blood, and tears into paying it off. This dude wants us to buy him a Husqvarna. A what? That is an expensive lawnmower, why not a push mower. 

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