Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Do You Know When You Are Plagued With A Mental Illness

putin with aspergers
An Aspergers sufferer

Have you ever caught yourself doing some weird things that just are not normal? Many people are suffering with some type of mental and you probably are to. There are many warning signs that you should look for so that you can first diagnose yourself, before heading to your doctor. 

Repetitive Behavior

No, it is not normal to continuously repeat your actions. If you find yourself retracing your steps several times, before continuing on your way, you may be suffering with a mental illness. This repetitive behavior can be linked to autism. This behavior can be quite embarrassing and you may be getting ridiculed by your best friends or strangers for that matter. You have to admit that flapping your arms and hitting your head on the floor is very comical to others. If you do not want others to see you act in this manner, it is time to start isolating yourself from the world. This is the only hope that you have to saving what little self image, you have left.

Obsessive Thoughts

Now, here we go again. Been thinking about committing homicide, joining isis, or attacking the president? If so, then it is time to get some psychological treatment and therapy. Never put your thoughts into action, because you could potentially find yourself in the slammer. Being mentally impaired will definitely earn, you a b*#@h role in prison and that means you better not drop the soap. No, thoughts of killing your parents are not normal, even though they are trying to force, you to take your meds. These signs are definitely linked to mental retardation. Get help, before it is too late.

Difficulty Interacting With Others

Now, while you think this is a normal reaction that everyone must have, when interacting with others, it isn't. If you are an introvert, fear being around others, and lash out at all Americans, you may have asperger's. If you have a very round face and never like to smile, then you are definitely plagued with this disease, just like Russia's president Vladimir Putin. God Bless, you child. 

Shatting On The Walls

Contrary to the fact, shatting on walls is not normal. Although you have probably been committing this act ever since your parents locked you in the closet, it is not normal. This is definitely one of the seven traits of becoming a serial killer. Another thing that definitely pulls this heinous act into the serial trait characteristics is if you wrote your name in the shat. Dr. Phil McGraw is waiting to diagnose, you right on national television. Be sure to sign up and become one of his targets, I mean patients, today.

Super Powers & Flying Abilities

Do you think that you are capable of flying long distances, without a cape? Many mentally ill people think they possess super powers and can fly like a bird, but psychologists do not think it is possible. If you want to test your skills, be sure to find the tallest building and go for it. If you survive the fall, then you will know that you are not capable of pulling this huge stunt off, but if you fail, you will never have to think about it again. Please hook up a camcorder or video camera to your helmet so that we all can witness this act of bravery on 4chan.

Suicide Solution

Most mentally ill people feel like they can not go on another day. If you are contemplating taking your life, then you should go out like a hero. Tell everyone your story on Facebook and Twitter, before you actually commit this brave act. If you record your moment of faith on camera, everyone will be able to cheer you on.

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