Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indiana Governor Mike Pence and A Few Other Tremendously Loud Breathers

Whether or not you believe in homo rights, there is one thing that cannot be denied, Mike Pence is one heck of a breather. At several points, he sounds like he is struggling to bring in one last breath, before he passes away. His breathing is labored and his pulse is beginning to slow. Someone get this man a doctor. Listen to each pause, when he sucks in, with tremendous force.

There is very few things more annoying than Bill O'Reilly, but Chuck Norris certainly takes the take. He's definitely perfected that loud breathing technique, which allows him to spew garbage, suck in air, and spew more. Despite being a good martial artist, it is fairly obvious from his breathing that Norris has horrendous cardio.

Sure, this one might be a low blow, but there is no ignoring Krauthammer's annoyingly laborious breathing. Just listen at him sucking it in, after each sentence. Of course, he at least has an excuse, but it almost sounds like each breath hurts.

Jesus christ Tony. We all watched the guy for over 50 hours, but the loud breathing never ceased to fail. During intercourse, killing Christopher, or having a cardiac arrest, the constant strained breathing was always there.

Damian Lewis is certainly another good breather. He basically ruined Homeland. How can you not want to strangle this guy? Not only that, but he looks a little filthy.

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