Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Sex Crime: Oh My

Jennifer Lawrence is a potential American actress, according to who you ask, and a potential sex criminal, again according to who you ask. Although you wouldn't know it, Jennifer is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, which explains why she looks like she has downs 85% of the time. While she is likely best known for being a semi-celebrity with nudes, she is also somewhat of an actor and shrieked her way through some very successful movies. Still, this doesn't stop people from hating on the Kentuckian.

Is she a childish hillbilly, who has successfully hidden her redneck? Sure, according to her haters, the media has given her praise for her childish antics and silly philosophies. Others are angry because she skipped some unnecessary award shows? Aren't all of these award shows immature, ridiculous and unnecessary? She shouldn't be anywhere near Teens and the Teen Choice Awards anyway. She is a potential sex criminal, after all.

Others? Well, they hate her, because they hate her brother for mocking Asians! Come on people, they are from Kentucky, after all. Dig deep and you'll find they hate anyone, who isn't fortunate enough to enjoy the white skin. And the whole face palming Emma Watson stunt? Come on, she's a tomboy and a hick. What more can you expect? At least she didn't try to corn hole poor old Emma. He for She getting bashed by she. Kinda ironic isn't it?

Falling at the Oscars? That is simply karma. It is just a shame she didn't wind up old Christopher Reeves. And last but not least? She is a little bit dense and a potential sex criminal. The Finger Games star created some very racy pornography and then got upset, when it was released. What else is the point of making 100-1000 racy pornographic images? She surely wasn't pleasuring herself to her own images? Either way, the FBI is on the case! If they found out who did the Sony hack, they'll find out this one right? Suspect is arrest in 3….2….1..never mind.

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