Friday, March 6, 2015

Jodi Arias, The Death Penalty, and America's Stupidity

In the past few years, anyone with access to the Internet has become a social justice warrior for idiots who get themselves killed poor souls, who end up mercilessly murdered. Sadly, this is the case, with this truly devoted hypocritical Mormon. Surely, a good religious individual Mormon moron like Travis Alexander couldn't have done something wrong. Oh no! It is that crazy Jodi Arias, who concocted the entire scenario, went nuts and killed for no good reason. In this situation, the American media and public shows obvious hypocritical mindsets, when coping with Jodi Arias and the death penalty. How? You'll find out the truth below.

OMG! The Arias Nude Crime Screen Photos are Gruesome!

What exactly is a murder? In most situations, a murder involves deep seeded hatred between the murderer and the victim. At other times, it may be completely random. Either way, it is important to remember that the human body is full of that little red liquid, which most people know as blood. What does this mean? It is actually quite simple. Any and all murder scenes are going to be gruesome! This is similar to psychiatrist claiming all murder suspects to be grandiose.

If you truly analyze the situation, you will see that every murder scene, regardless of the circumstances, is going to be bloody and gruesome. This is common sense. Of course, I suppose a good murderer, who cleans up his or her crime scene, won't leave a gruesome murder scene behind. So, this entire theory is downright stupid. In fact, the nude photos were far more gruesome than anything contained within the crime scene pictures.

If anybody deserves death, it is Jodi!

Are you sure about that? Examine the current judicial system and look at those, who are still behind bars for similar or worse crimes. Jodi killed one person, who potentially brought the entire situation on himself. Surely, this is enough to warrant the death penalty. Or is it? How about that BTK fella? Were his crimes not worse? Oh, don't forget about that Green River guy! When compared to these veterans, Jodi's score count is simply too low to receive a reward of death. Again, you might be mad, but you should get over it. Your logic, which is based on CNN and HLN, is simply flawed.

Fine, let's play your game.

Okay, fine! Let's give Jodi Arias the death penalty. Fair enough. What is the likelihood that she'll ever be put to death? Well, there are over 100 individuals currently on death row in the state of Arizona. In 2014, one man was put to death in Arizona. In 2013, 2 men were put to death. This rate has gradually slowed and 2 out of 3 of these individuals have killed multiple people. Sadly, one man put to death was 71 years old. Isn't this just a mercy killing, at this point? Anyway, at this rate, Jodi would likely be 120 or 130 years old, before she ever gets the needle.

Wash it All down

Finally, it is time to wash everything down with a nice glass of reality. The overall cost of a death row inmate is outrageously high, whereas lifers are much cheaper. Of course, the Arias trial has already rounded up some bat shat crazy high cost figures. What does this mean? Juan Martinez is a fool for even trying for death again, or he was gunning for a higher office. Obviously, the death penalty is nothing more than a political ploy for Christian conservatives, in order to appeal to their voter bases.

Of course, the real eye opener is the fact that people begged and pleaded for Jodi's death. She should receive it for the nudes alone, but isn't this simply hypocritical? You killed my brother! Now, we kill you! A lust for death is a lust for death. Surely, a good Mormon family would recognize this? No?

Here's a little poetry to wash it all down.

A soldier requires skill, in order to kill
When they come home, respect is shown
When it is a mortal being, it is surely a sin
At times, it is allowed, but others, it is disavowed
So go ahead and sit, and consider how you're nothing more than hypocrite.

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