Sunday, March 1, 2015

Living with Aspergers Syndrome

While many people do not know it, Aspergers Syndrome is commonly associated with being a dumba$$ anti-social behavior. When faced with a new situation, the individual will begin behaving like an invalid awkwardly, with repetitive behavior, such as rocking back and forth, flicking their fingers and screaming out profanities. These types of people can be treated with a good swift kick in the arse anti-psychotic medication. Of course, living with Aspergers retardation isn't too bad sometimes. This guide will provide you with tips and possible outcomes for those unfortunate drama queens sufferers of Aspergers Syndrome.

Take the Diplomatic Approach

Although being an arsehole Aspergers sufferer can be difficult, you should remember that some very diplomatic individuals have successfully pulled off the role. The masterful politician Vladimir Putin is believed to be a sufferer of the disease! If you believe the idiot autistic American media. Life isn't too bad for Putin, who runs one of the most powerful countries in the world.

The Lanza Effect

Of course, sometimes Aspergers can have a negative effect on a young soul. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself playing Call of Duty, Gears of War, Left 4 Dead and eventually shooting preschoolers if you believe Sandy Hook wasn't a hoax. Poor Lanza retreated into his room, shut the door and flung poo poo all over the wall, until his mother grew angry and attempted to discipline him until he was killed by the FBI and placed in Sandy Hook allegedly. At that point, the Aspergers anger took control and Adam went on a dead rampage, which made a wonderful false flag left many dead and some wounded.

Driving like Denver

And last, but not least, Aspergers sufferers crybabies can also be very talented individuals. Look at John Denver, who was one of the biggest suffers ever reported. It has been reported that Denver wrote "Rocky Mountain High", while stroking out on his Lisdexamfetamine Super K. After a successful career, his condition got the better of him. On October the 12, 1997, Denver had enough, as he boarded a small plane and tried to pilot the controls, while suffering from Aspergers seizures. This was a terrible idea, as Denver died several minutes later.

The Bright Side

Remember that Aspergers doesn't have to be real life changing. You can still succeed despite your terrible condition. Just make sure that you look to your hero, who also suffers from the disease and remember that anything is possible.

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