Monday, March 9, 2015

North Korea Latest News Updates

north korea latest news

Jong Myong Chol here! This friendly waning from de Suprem ledor Kim Jung Un. The Demokrakt People Republic of Korea is ready to stand up to imprelasim of Amercu. We strive for peace but no imperialist America will ruin our country and shame de supreme ledor. We already show supreme computer ship after massive sony hack. now we com for bigger targets cause Un no pee pee or poo poo. duren final showdown de heroic korean people will obliterate america and ugly leaders. u no right when u skin is white.

da power of north korea military will wipe out whit man of west. de power of ro dong missile coming to you. de america people who wish to escape future doom and futile man will be given chance to immigrant and join army of korea. u no longer need to huddle around cigarette flicker and eat handed out vittles.

if you refuse to join best korea, nuclear fire will rain down on west. survivors will be sent to secret prison camps. no enter country with out guide. u will be put down. north korea stock delicious foods in super markets. us use supermarket as propaganda. ah! north korea destroy ecpetionalism of america. burn mercilessly. our former leader kim jun tom hollander solidify countries bright future. north korea never surrender. leader un never doo doo! there no god but un and impressliast america will learn to worship god.

north korea best korea. no racism n north korea. west meet fiery death after big cyber gang bank from DPRK. merciless death to west! hail supreme leader. ha ha ha hail supreme kim.

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