Sunday, March 1, 2015

Off the Meds: Gorekiel

Facebook is full of some very funny, wacky, insane individuals, who seem to be off their medications. One of these individuals, who we will not name here, has provided us, with a ton of fun Facebook comments. When in a stupor, the specimen seems fine and calm, but when the sedatives have worn off, the creature develops into a rage, which would make a gorilla jealous. Of course, this individual exhibits signs of distress, hatred for society and hatred for itself.

Facebook is the best way to study the socially debilitated one's behavior, when poked and propped. It feels like an experiment gone wrong, at times, but it is definitely one that is enjoyable. Of course, this particular specimen has venture out of his habitat, if you're willing to use Google, you'll find plenty of wonderful gems. Thank you sir Gorekiel! Thank you for providing us all with some chuckles. We salute you sir!

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