Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Send Back Amanda Knox HIV

The ugly, disgraceful American, Amanda Knox, went to Italy and killed the pure and precious Meredith Kercher. Of course, her American status stopped her from being executed on the stop, as Jose Baez swooped in and saved the day, by claiming Knox was molested by Rudy Guede. Of course, being a man of color in Italy, the ultra racist skinheads instantly believed this, sentenced Rudy to death, by stoning, and sent Amanda Knox home. However, Knox did spend an abysmal amount of time in the slammer. During this time, she was sexually assaulted and wound up being diagnosed with HIV. Obviously, this would not happen in an American prison, since they're so well guarded and America isn't some third world country like Italy.

During the first trial, it was revealed that Amanda made sexual propositions to Rudy, who refused. He knew the American was troubled and reported her to immigration authorities, but nothing was done. Sadly, Knox grew into a rage, after she was reprimanded by her beautiful roommate, Meredith Kercher, due to a filthy room. After this, Knox sliced off her hair and called her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. According to Italian prosecutors, the pair rendezvoused and engaged in rough intercourse, in which Knox violated her boyfriend's manhood. During this act, the pair planned the murder of Meredith. Of course, they needed someone to frame, which is where Rudy came into play.

Sadly, the rest is history. During the initial trial, the facts were released and Amanda was sentenced to death, by Jihadi John beheading, but President Obama grew angry over the Italians siding with the Islamic Nation. In the defense of Knox, Obama personally sent Jose Baez and Robert Kardashian to break Amanda out. Without Johnnie Cochran, the pair would need some backup. This resulted in Amanda performing sexual favors on the judge, in which she contracted HIV, but she managed to secure a new trial.

During the second trial, the judge showed obvious bias and helped Knox secure her freedom. Of course, she will never truly be free, as the Italian disease will follow her everywhere. After her release, Americans took to the streets and boycotted her return to the country, since they were afraid she would bring such a terrible disease to their pure nation. Despite this, the power of Senator Maria Cantwell secured Knox's status as an American citizen. It is now believed that both are ate up with the Italian disease, which will soon spread throughout the country.

In 2015, Amanda began attending an American HIV Anonymous and went on to reunite with another sufferer of the disease, Colin Sutherland, who is a cantautori. The pair decided to live their last days fighting the deadly foreign disease alone. Meanwhile, it is believed that the Kercher family has put out a hit on the American, but it will not be long, before the deadly Italian HIV begins to slowly eat away at Knox's brain. According to famous American neurologist, Dr. Phil McGraw, Knox and Sutherland are unlikely to live for two more years. It is also believed that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will soon travel to Italy to take part in a rally for Rudy.

This is surely a sad story and a reminder to never travel to third world countries, such as Italy.

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