Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tips On Becoming A Superhero

Are you tired of that same old job routine, get up, go to work, and come home? Many people are highly dedicated to their job and employers, but never seem to get any respect or thanks for what they do. If you feel like an unappreciated employee, then it is high time that you consider becoming a superhero.

Creating A Character

The first step to becoming a superhero is to create a character. Now, you are going to have to be clever on this one. Being unique is the key to becoming your own person, with superpowers. To get an idea of what type of superhero, you want to become, you must consider your talents and your physical body type. If you are obese, then it is going to be a lot more difficult trying to become a powerful man/woman behind a cape. Of course, it is still not out of the question, because you can always go on a liquid diet and take a handful of laxatives two or three times a day. Some character names to consider;

  • Wonder HexMan
  • Ultimate Spectreman
  • BlackRaceX
  • White KlanMan

Creating A Costume

Hopefully, you are talented and capable of hand stitching or proficient at utilizing a sewing machine, because this task is gonna be a difficult one. Heck, you may be better off to head down to your local goodwill. You may get lucky enough to find an old used costume hanging around. Of course, you will have to turn it into your very own creation, but at least most of the work is already done. Just a word of warning do not try to go too big, because surely you do not have that much talent. Look around your home for props such as masks, wigs, gloves, and funky eyewear. Spandex is definitely the material to use for your costume, because it will fit tight and snug and will not become an annoying obstacle, when you are testing your athletic skills.

Choosing A Weapon

Every superhero needs a weapon, this isn't to say that you have to use it, but you will definitely look cooler if you are sporting one, when you capture that bad guy. Swords, knives, and bows & arrows are out of the question, because they have been used over and over again. Besides these are toys that couldn't do harm to a fly. What you really need is a high power weapon like a machine gun or an AK-47. 

Testing Your Skills

When it comes to testing your skills, a trampoline is not going to do the job. The best way to see how far, you can fly is to climb to the top of a skyscraper and jump off. You will also want to challenge the police by running from them and taking a few bullets. If you are a true superhero, them bullets won't do no harm, but if they do, you may end up spending a few weeks in the hospital to recover, but do not give up on your dream of becoming a superhero, no matter what.

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