Monday, April 20, 2015

Americans Stranded in Yemen: Send Help

Americans in Yemen

According to CNN, American citizens are stranded in a war torn Yemen. They're sending in houseboats and pontoons to rescue these individuals. While this is all fun and games, what is really going on here? There is something very shady lurking under the propaganda machine. The men and women above are so-called "U.S. Citizens", but none of them appear to be so.

War in Yemen

Then, things get even crazier, when Boogey Grandhi from Buffalo is interviewed. According to Boogey, they ran out of food, water and shelter, before they were forced to flee. Excuse me! How does one possibly run out of shelter? These ninja warriors, who resemble frightening ISIS members, could very well be using this clever guise, as a way to infiltrate the country. Oh no! Each person was forced to pay $3000 dollars to the port authority. Yet, they didn't get put on a cruise ship? Nah, they got tossed on a sinking vessel.

Boogey wants to know, why Obama treats these individuals, as third class citizens. According to Christina Higgins, the US Deputy Chief of Mission, the Americans are willing to accept these individuals into their nation, as long as they abandon jihad. She understands their need to escape the hoopties. Suffice to say, Higgins awaited their arrival, with new Nikes shoes and a number for the electronic diversity visa lottery.

According to Higgins, twelve members of the group would have their numbers called out. Those lucky souls would become official citizens. Unfortunately for the rest, they'd be forced back to Yemen to continue their struggle for Jihad.

One thing is certain! Boogey gonna get some hookah! Hookah for Boogey!

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