Monday, April 13, 2015

Stalking People Made Easy

In the past, stalking someone was a little more difficult and the risks of being detected were tremendously higher. In today's digital society, stalking someone is simple, effortless and only takes a few gestures on your computer. In fact, there is a major website, which is capable of revealing an enormous amount of information about a particular individual, their friends and even their family members. Of course, this is not some dangerous website, which incorporates backhanded tactics. No, these individuals reveals all of their information, without hesitation. Why? Well, people are generally very simple minded.

The Facebook

Facebook is a tremendous website, which is suitable for all kinds of sleazy individuals. Pedophiles, rapist and especially stalkers are able to benefit tremendously from this social media frenzy. Of course, are these people really to blame for their deviated minds? Or, is it the stupidity of others that is the root of all evil?

phone numbers facebook
Idiots/Facebook/Phone numbers

So, how does Facebook stalking work? Well, it works in a number of different ways. You can potentially target a specific individual, such as an ex-girl/boyfriend, a former co-worker, or some stranger. It is generally best to aggravate those that have done you wrong, since the benefits reaped will be increased ten fold. Either way, you're going to need to do some digging, but very little. Find someone in your area, or search for an old colleague's name and make sure you get the one within your vicinity. From there, you'll need to scan their page.

Facebook information
Idiots and Facebook

In all likelihood, the individual's page will be completely open, because they're idiots. You shouldn't be shocked, when you discover phone numbers, addresses, bathroom pictures and pictures of the individual's dying or dead grandma. This is common practice and can be used to your advantage. In fact, you should most certainly take the time to check the person's About page. Here, you will find a treasure trove of information, including the individual's family members, work place, instant messaging usernames and tons of pictures.

Rappers Facebook
Broke as a Joke - Avoid for Thieving

How to Use your New Skills

Now that you've learned how to stalk someone in the 21st century, it is time to learn how to put your skills to use. Honestly, your options are plentiful and the fun can be immeasurable. It is imperative to choose suitable victims depending on your specific desires.
Bad Ass
Don't Mess with this Guy - Certified Bad @$$

For instance, if you wish to steal from someone's home, you should make sure to choose somebody seemingly wealthy. Avoid those trashy 20-30 year old single mothers, who already have two or three babies running around. They're worthless and likely rely on your income for their income. They may be good for other purposes, but not for theft. Avoid those who work for Farmville, Megapolis or Self-Employed. Don't bother with anyone, who works at Wal-Mart, Wendy's or Taco Bell.
Fake Jobs Facebook
Not Suitable - Fake Careers
Instead, find someone, who legitimately works a decent job. Just because someone claims to have finished college, doesn't mean they have. Check their pictures and make sure they're got nice, have clean clothes and plenty of nice gear. From there, you'll be able to use their Facebook posts to determine, when they're out of their house. Since they're likely morons, you will be able to find the specific date and time, when they're going to be away. Plan your burglary around this information and you'll never get caught.

facebook idiots
Suitable for Slap Sticking Not Thieving

Slap Sticking the $hit out of People
If you're just generally looking for a good time, it is best to pick those, who are worthless, crybabies and just generally messed up. A quick scroll through an individual's Facebook page will help tremendously. Look for those that are always complaining about their problems, doctor visits or especially arrests. These people are already losers, reckless, and ready to be abused. Don't worry about breaking them mentally, because they are already are. With these targets, they'll pretend they want to be left alone, but they don't. They thrive on the attention. In fact, you're feeding their pathetic desires and they're returning the favor for you.

There You Have It!
Welp, there you have it folks! Enjoy yourselves and don't get caught by the poleaze, or you'll be heading to the slammer for a few days, at most. Once they realize you're just a pathetic soul, you'll be released or sent to the room with the padded walls. Oh well, it was fun and worth it, right?

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