Friday, May 22, 2015

Christians Behaving Badly: 19 and Counting Edition

Pedophile Josh Duggar

All religions are different and all religious individuals are unique. However, some religions maintain consistency across the board. Jews wear funny hats and tend to be incredibly stingy, aside from running the world. Muslims wear drapes over their faces and tend to hate all other religions. Christians are typically known for dunking their heads underwater and molesting children. Of course, you cannot question one of these individuals about their bad behavior, because they develop the black mentality of defending their own. Christians uphold one another, while the churches attempt to keep everything locked in the closet, which brings up to 19 Kids and Counting and the distinguished pedophile, Josh Duggar.

Child Molester Duggar

Now, some individuals might suggest this man is friendly, nice and most importantly, Christian. God will certainly forgive him according to that gobbledygook in those scriptures. Unfortunately, society doesn't forgive these individuals and they shouldn't. As data shows, pedophilia is incurable. Thus, Josh Duggar is a pedophile and incurable. Still, dumb Christians will defend him, especially stupid Republicans, who would normally condemn this man to death.

Sadly, all of the Duggars, who were adults, at the time, are equally guilty. In fact, TLC, and Discovery Networks, are equally guilty. Don't forget the Queen of Television, Oprah. These entities fused together in 2000 and have worked together ever since. Thus, these groups knew about the molestation, at the time. Eventually, it was investigated in 2006. Surprisingly, this fat hypocritical arsehole was molesting and incesting his poor little sisters for years, while mommy and dad got rich.

Thankfully, incest and sexual indecency with a child have no statutes of limitations in Arkansas. Now, we'll get to see how well the American justice system works. (We all know it doesn't.) Sadly, there are sex offenders currently registered, who've done far less. Just read this story. It happens time and again, but these people are unjustly punished, while the Duggars continue to rape and molest. At this point, the Duggar family is nothing more than a psycho-cult, which should be labeled as such.

Finally, the American media has picked this up, but they'll coddle the story much like they did with Bill Clinton's pedophile relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Someone like Brandon Bostian, who is potentially innocent, or committed a massive accident at most, is being wrongly destroyed in the media. At the end of the day, the children are the ones that are screwed literally and physically. At most, a new addition should be added to the sexual offender list. The best case scenario would see Josh Duggar in pinstripes receiving holy retribution behind bars.

Of course, we all know justice in America is severely flawed and the pedophile will continue pedophiling his way through life. God bless America. And god bless Huckabee for being a crocked eyed retard and defending this scum.

Huckabee Josh Duggar

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