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The Duggar's Molestation: What The Media Don't Want You To Know

As a member of the great America, it is fairly clear the American media is slanted, especially when it comes to the Duggars. Fox News hail them as heroes, who are on the verge of being nailed to a 21st century cross. CNN touches it with light hands, as if it is a fragile topic. Neither network speaks the truth about the case. What exactly is the media attempting to hide and why should they really care? Have no fear, cause Funny Dawg is here and knows how to read.

The Cult's Inception

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bobby were introduced in the 1980s, after Michelle had a "religious conversion", or went batshat crazy. The pair were married in 1984 and went on to launch several businesses, a user car business, real estate businesses, towing business and numerous fertility trials. The wonderful mother went on to have birth 17 times in 21 years or so, before the family started relying on the "buddy system", which invites rape and incest. The 2004 "Young Mother of the Year" became a political figure in 1999, when Jimmy served in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Discovery aka TLC Enters The Picture

In 2000, the family began construction their 7,000 square foot house, which was finished with the help of Discovery Networks, or TLC. While Josh groomed his younger siblings and friends, TLC groomed the Duggar family for prime time television. The family's first venture with the company came in 2004, with the release of 14 Children and Pregnant Again!, which aired on a Discovery channel. The storyline according to IMDB? "A person has 14 kids, and is having another!" God Bless America.

According to an 11 year old Jessa, the worst part of living in the Duggar house was the limited number of bathrooms. We can only imagine.

Josh Duggar Age of Rape
Prime Rapist: Joshua Duggar
Funny enough, near the end of the episode, Joshua shows up again, without any hair. Perhaps, this was the time, when he was sent to "christian construction camp"? Was the behavior caught by TLC at the time of the filming? Or, is the haircut just a coincidence?

Rape Treatment Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar After Rape Treatment?

How much did TLC know and what happened during the filming of 14 Children and Pregnant Again!? Did the actions result in TLC spending massively to get the family house finished and get Josh separated from the female girls? WTF is wrong with this family, Discovery and America?

The family and their 16 children were introduced to mainstream America in 2006, with the release of 16 Children and Moving In. As IMDB suggests, the show's storyline, "A person has 16 kids that move in" was very thrilling. Of course, the reviewer got it correct, with two words, "human predator". At this point, the damage was already done.

The Car Lots

It was during this time that Jim Bo began towing cars for the public and the police, which would eventually allow him to escape conviction. The Duggar Towing seems to be mainly run by John David. According to some residents in the area, the towing company doesn't attempt to offer competitive pricing. I supposing riding along with a member of the Duggar cult is enough to get you to pay $400 compared to $56. Of course, the family has remained close to the police throughout this time. Heck, John David works was a volunteer fireman and volunteer police officer. What more needs to be said? Don't forget about his time, as a Washington County Constable.

John David Duggar Gun Photo

The Duggar family also ran two individual car lots, which were shaky at best. Joshua supposedly became the manage/owner of Champion Motor Cars. Be sure to check out the video tour of Josh's used car lot. Truthfully, Jim Bobby didn't trust his son, because he bought the lot and allowed his son to play with it. That awesome website can be found here. They also had Integrity Autopark, which never got up and running. Of course, in 2011, according to the Examiner, the car lot was never opened. What a total failure!

Failed Duggar Car Lot

Of course, maybe it has something to do with a 2013 civil case again the family's car lot? What exactly was the reason for the lot being shut down? There is more to the story than meets the eye. Scumbags will always be scumbags.

Duggars’ Solution
Since the Duggars had 19 children, it was very difficult for them to monitor their actions at all time. After Joshua returned from his “so-called” therapy session, with the religious builder, they knew that they would never be able to watch him 24/7. Instead, they worked diligently building a home that would separate the boys and girls from each other. While the girl’s bedroom would be on the left side of the home, the boy’s bedroom would be on the far right side, with a long catwalk and Jim Bob and Michelle’s bedroom in between them. This was their solution to ensuring themselves that the girl’s would be safe from Josh’s incest and pedophilia behavior. How did they manage to keep them separated, during meals, laundry time, home school activities, and church, riding around in an RV, and reading time?
Duggar House
Duggar Rape Dungeon
Jim Bob’s Lies
Jim Bob went on FOX news network and made several comments about Josh coming to him and Michelle and admitting to them that he touched his sister’s vaginal area and breasts. Jim Bob told the world that Josh had only touched these areas over top of their dresses. In the police report, it states that Josh had put his hand under dress. These hypocrites have the audacity to speak out against the LGBT group and abortions, but they allowed their perpetrator son reside in the same home of the poor victims. Did these parents’ genuinely protect their girls from the pedophile? It would be nearly impossible to monitor his behavior and actions 24/7.
6 page of the reports state that he put his hand underneath her dress.
Jim Bob and Michelle had a lot of time to procreate. Wonder how the children were being monitored, while they were having sex, which was obviously all the time.
I guess Josh never learned anything from that 3 month building experience, with a nonprofessional child pedophilia counselor.
Molestation Duggar

Where does Josh have his hand and look at his daughter’s response. Trying to block him from fondling her vaginal area is obviously seen in this picture. Is she trying to tell us something?
Boys are not allowed to touch girls, until they are married or sit in their lap. Well, this picture says that Jim Bob and Michelle have been caught up in another lie.
Josh Duggar Molestation

Look at the position of this little girl’s hand. Hmmm strange and Josh (right back row) is obviously recovered from his pedophilia and incest psychological disorder.
I can only imagine how angry the girl’s husbands are about the cover up. Strange how all of this has just became public, after Jessa’s wedding.
Did Josh really tell his parents that he was fondling his sister’s vaginal area and breasts? Well, this Daily Mail report says something a tad bit different. This family and its wise tales are nothing by blatant lies.

At the end of the day, overzealous Christians will defend other psychotic Christians. Sadly, if you want to read true American news, you've got to go to DailyMail. Political mumbo jumbo and religious garbage can't fix molesters, rapists and the stupid. Educate yourself and read between the line.

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