Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Kelly File: Pedophile Edition

Welp, is everyone ready for Wednesday mass on the Kelly File? The Duggars are coming over for dinner and they've got their chalice full of Jesus blood. You don't need to be Jesus F'in Christ to see how this Bible thumping is going to go down. Jim Bobby will say a pray and confirm he and Michelle sent Joshua to play with the goats. After he had his fill of goats, he was allowed back into the family and everything was just fine. Praise Jesus!

However, the real kicker is Kelly's beating around the bush and taking up for the cultish pedophile family. Now, the Duggar girls are all but brain raped and Josh gets off free. Praise Jesus the juvenile records were released. Sadly, Jesus waited too got dang long to show up and do something. Why wasn't this rape fiend charged as an adult like poor, child rapists? Sadly, this fat choir boy acted predatory and had 5 victims. WTF?

Check these stories and judge for yourself: 1 2 3 4

4 vary similar cases. 4 very similar suspects. The difference? It wasn't that mythological beast from above. Its all about that green. Timothy Coon had 1 victim, a sister. Duggar the choir boy had multiple victims over a period of time. America is doomed. Get us off of this ride now! Of course, Megan Kelly will play the Fox News role and take up for the pedophiles. Would she do the same for Timothy Coon?

Sadly, the whole Duggar family victimized the Duggar girls and Megan Kelly is evidently fine with it. I guess she can be okay with that, when she tucks Yardley Evans Brunt into her $100,000 crib at night. As Kelly puts its, Jesus is a white man, if a man at all, but Josh Duggar is and always will be a pedophile. None of that will matter on Wednesday night, when Kelly coddles the family and strokes their massive evangelical egos.

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