Thursday, July 30, 2015

GoFundMe Stupidity - The Jupiter Florida Hunt For Intelligence

Have you given to The Perry and Austin Rescue Fund on GoFundMe? Congratulation! You're a flaming retard. At the time of this authoring, 1,788 "Nimrods" have given over 234,000 thousand dollars in 2 days! By watching the news reports and interviews with friends and family members, it is fairly obvious the family doesn't care in the least and that these boys have sunk deep into sea. If the boys turn up at this point, the entire arrangement would look like a ploy. Of course, this doesn't stop retarded idiots from giving out their money to those, who do not deserve it or need it. Why is this the case? Below, you will find out.

Why should you give?

Let us take a look at the logical reasons to give to the fund. There are a few reasons. Each will be broken down below for your consideration.

Cause Jesus - The majority of the donors have done so, because Jesus. Take a moment to look at the donation list and you'll see prayers, praying, praise Jesus, prayers continue. Now, this is all fair and well, but what about those that truly need the money? Has the Messiah left these individuals out in the cold? Take the time to use the search. It isn't too difficult to run a search on the dates, July 1st to July 30th. Kayleigh Adkins, Joye Alexander, Latronya Allen, Gavin Arabie, John Arnold, Shirley Augustine, Muxike Azpillaga, Felicia Baker, Lonzie Barton and so on.

During this period of time, 227 children have gone missing. Where is their 200k GoFundMe pages and prayers from the Savior? The poor don't receive the attention of the rich, who don't need it anyway. I suppose Jesus's prayer will suffice for these poor children, who will never be noticed. Two sisters, Destiny and Shiann Buff, from Aiken, SC will receive no attention. The photogenic boys and the drunk, John Namath, definitely help to sell the story.

Why you should not give

In terms of not giving, the reasons are plentiful. Are you really silly enough to believe that this family needs your money? They're living in a 500k home, hanging out with Hollywood celebrities and running multiple worthless businesses. These individuals do not need your money, but they'll sure as heck take it, won't they?

They Don't Need It - Already mentioned above. This family doesn't need your money. Let them mortgage or sell their home for their own stupidity! Look around and check out the Facebook pages, by the way, where are the boy's pages? They're flaunting their wealth right under your nose. If you give, you're allowing them to shat on you!

They Don't Deserve It - We have heard talk enough! These individuals allowed their children to head out the door and commit suicide. There is no doubt about it. Whether or not it was intentional, these children jumped over the ledge. As the mom suggests, I gave him a book about Winston Churchill, which told him to never give up and the boy said, I WILL! This is very telling. Even the boy's friend insists they challenged on the storm. This was a sad disaster, but it is time to grieve, not accept Holy Ties!

They Wouldn't Do The Same For You - If you think for a second that this family would piss on you to stop the fire from melting the flesh from your bones, you're a fool. The family is self-righteous and doesn't even seem about their own children at this point. The lackadaisical attitude should be telling enough.

A Repeated Pattern

Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated case. It is widespread. As soon as a tragedy occurs, two things happens, a new law is crafted to appease the public and a GoFundMe/Crowdfunding account is established. Soon after, the money begins to flow in. Want a good example of this? Look at Jahi McMath and her GoFundMe page, where you will see the mother kissing a dead corpse and claiming that her daughter loves selfies! The total is up to 64k with 1,803 retards giving up their pride and intelligence. Well, it is nice to know that the mother doesn't have to work her Home Depot job anymore. Good job society, your wretched bunch of scum.

Again, it doesn't stop here. Look at Kate Steinle. Another sad tell, which is too frequently occurring. 215k by 3,242 people in 25 days! This is another photogenic family, which is unsurprisingly crafting a new law. If society worked as it should and if people weren't so greedy, money would not be needed. Why does Kate's family need her money? They don't. The family is wealthly and Kate didn't support ANYONE. Illegals should be abolished, but so should the ignorants of America.


Unfortunately, people will continue taking your money, if you continue handing it out. Don't get angry, when the Garner family receives massive amounts, when you're doing the same for another family. Wake up and look at the whole picture. Instead of giving these families money, they should be charged with neglect.

Florida Neglect laws - A caregiver's failure or mission to provide a child with the care, supervision or services necessary to maintain the child's physical and mental health. Does any more need to be said? Someone needs to make a petition page and have these parents locked away. Also, don't forget to check out the accused scammer father, Nick Korniloff. Know who you're giving money to, before doing so!!

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