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Knoxville TN Sanctuary City News - Where is Knoxville TN?

Are you currently planning a move to Knoxville TN? Heard about the awesome Knoxville parks? How about the magnificent University of TN, where the future geniuses of America are being sculpted? Ah, scratch that! Knoxville, TN is a Sanctuary City and isn't friendly for American citizens. Over the years, citizens of Knoxville have been overwhelmed with the influx of illegal immigrants. Who knew? The residents of the city didn't know, nor did they agree to the arrangement. Homeowners and the poor are stuck in the rut, with no hope of safety. Of course, the big media stations won't tell you anything about this. Heck, the local stations refuse to acknowledge the massively increased crime. Below, you will discover the corruption of Knoxville, TN.

Where is Knoxville Tn?

You really don't want to know, but if you must, it its located very close to Oak Ridge, which is responsible for winning the war. Yep, you've read that right. The residents of Oak Ridge built your atomic bomb and many contracted cancer, due to their work. Many of those patriots are now suffering from the government dropping an atomic bomb of illegals on the city of Knoxville, TN. If you truly want to locate Knoxville, you just need to follow the illegals. After you pass through a few states, you will make it, without trouble.

Illegals in Knoxville

Common Sense Approach

Now, you don't need to be a college educated genius, in order to figure out the chart above. Think you'll be able to find a job in Knoxville? Think again. Look at the figures above. How could the employment numbers rise, but the unemployment rate also elevate? It doesn't take an economics student to figure it out. When an illegal enters Knoxville, they take the job of a legal America, thus the employment figures rise or stays the same, but the America is without a job, hence the increase in the unemployment rate.

This is no coincidence and it only gets worse from here. The real mystery is unfolded, when one takes a look at the crime rate.

illegals in knoxville

Crime and Illegals in Knoxville TN

Although Knoxville isn't plagued with the murder rate of Chicago or Detroit, it is more crime ridden than one may think. Just listening to the police scanners will give insight into the area's crime. The figure above might be a little inflated, but it is undoubtedly becoming true, before our very eyes. Of course, the media, local and national, refuse to cover such news. Instead, we only get the extremest cases of religious war propaganda or racial war propaganda. These are nothing more than a distraction hoping you'll be blinding by the illegal moving in next door.

Crime Statistics Knoxville

Now, above, we have presented you with TBI's TN annual crime report. Something is very odd about this information. The African Americans, Asians and even the Unknown individuals are there, but who is not? Why are the black and white figures so high, while the others dwindle so low? This isn't a coincidence and one doesn't need to look far for the answers. It just takes a little bit of prodding around, in order to solve the mystery. Don't worry, because we've done this for you! Go back and check the previous years, they're all the same, so what exactly is TBI hiding? Since Knoxville is the only sanctuary city, is the entire state covering something up?

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Now, take a close look at the picture above. I have included several and these were all collected, after about 20 minutes of searching. Although some of these are labeled correctly, others aren't even close. Does Teresa Emillia Babelay really look like a white person? How about Gilbert Diego Herdia. Does he look or does his name sound white? Sure, they get it right sometimes, but look at the crimes and the consequences of those. Multiple rapes of children and ICE is brought in.

So, what does this tell us? Knoxville doesn't care about the white or black people. Both races of people are muddled together and the Hispanics get to choose a race, unless they've committed a terrible crime, such as molestation. Only then will the law enforcement send them out of the country. And it appears that the Hispanics in Knoxville are well versatile in child rape.

This is obviously a coverup, in order to keep illegals in Knoxville. Who is pulling the strings other than the fine government of the United States? It is fairly clear at this point that the American government, as a whole, cares very little about the American citizens, who've paid for their fancy haircuts and expensive cars. Republicans and Democrats are the same and neither will change anything. Americans needs an American president, who will actually care about American people.

The Results

So, what are the overall results of this cruel, horrendous and failed social experiment? Knoxville, TN residents are already seeing the changes! The city is already enacting a massive increase on property taxes. Own a home in Knoxville? Well, you're going to see a devastating increasing in taxes. Homeowners in Knoxville will not pay nearly $.40 extra cents per $100 of their home's assessed value. If you own a $100,000 home, you're going to be paying $84 more dollars, so some illegal can get free housing! It is clear Governor Bill Haslam or Bill Islam cares more about illegals than legals.

It doesn't stop here either. In order to supply non-Americans with necessities, such as McDonald's and Pepsi, WKUD is going to increase their water rates. Just check it out here. Yep, it is going up 7.5%. Still thinking about moving to Knoxville? Here comes yet another one. The TN state government is contemplating raising the gasoline tax, which is already a whopping 21.4 cents per gallon! There is no doubt that the this will set off a chain reaction, which will expand to every item, article, edible or anything else purchased in Knoxville.

And, let us not ignore the horrible sales tax in Knoxville. The average sales tax in TN, after local surtaxes, is right around 9.45%. Don't forget about the recent addition of the Internet tax, which screws everyone. Yep, now you're paying sales taxes on Amazon purchases, so some non-American can live your American dream. Also, you shouldn't forget about the Boomsday Festival. What? Yep, the 2015 Boomsday Festival will be the last. This is definitely the the most symbolic. Canceling the Labor Day festival? Good job Knoxville! Let us cancel the festival for the hard working citizens, while pandering to the illegals. Bravo.

What can be done?

Unfortunately, the citizens of America are bound to a failed system, due to a failed government. Is it really so difficult to see? Jimmy Duncan, who is the US House Representative for Knoxville, has been in office since 1988. Has this man ever achieved anything or done anything for you? How about good old Bob Corker? Nah, he is too busy trying to better the Middle East and trying to push America into a war, while America's real war is right here at home. Corker has served Knoxville since 2007. Has he accomplished anything notable? Nope. Both men are worthless and only serve themselves and their wallets. Don't forget old Lamar Alexander, who can make himself look great in television commercials. Unfortunately, this man, who has served Tennessee, since 2003, has done nothing for Knoxville or Tennessee for that matter.

So, where does one turn? Will Donald Trump really do any different? How about Hillary Clinton? Who is looking out for Americans? Sadly, the American political system is built for the politician and the gain of the politician. The system is no longer designed for the American people. In the end, you've got 2 choices, the evil and the lesser evil. Or, maybe we'll just vote along party lines like the sheep we are. In the end, it is mostly probable that nothing will change, without a dramatic uprising from the citizens.

So, Knoxvillians, your best bet is to purchase a gun or even mace. Lock your doors at night and sleep with one eye open. Make sure your children are tucked in tight! Of course, you could always join ISIS. It has to be better than being gunned down in your own home, by an illegal. I sincerely hope this post has awaken a tad bit of reasoning in some of those out there. Either way, you're going to have to protect yourself, because your pseudo government is too busy with the betterment of the Middle East and funding the Israelis.

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