Friday, July 24, 2015

Parent Shaming: Gary Mills

After browsing the Christian-Jew haven that is The Blaze, which is run by Glenn Beck, who may or may not have raped and murdered a girl in 1990, I discovered the praise the pseudo Jesus freaks were showering this man with. Unfortunately, child shaming is neither good or effective, but when you believe in healing the blind and deaf with a holy touch, you'll believe anything, unless it is in Arabic. So, this brings us to "father of the year", Gary Mills. Let us get an understanding of this feeble, scum pig.

Gary Mills

Being a good parent is about setting an example. The example presented above is one of a loser. The stupidity and hypocrisy only worsens, when you browse through the bully's Facebook page! The wanna-be Christian likes to throw stones, use profanity and sling threats.  Plus, the additions to the Facebook page seem to appear every dang second! Doesn't this guy have anything better to do, aside from cursing, drinking and child abusing? Suffice to say, his actions and behavior doesn't resemble that of the world's greatest parent or even a Christian for that matter.

Child Abuse Facebook

When your child is stealing her mother's VAPER CIGARETTE, something is terribly wrong. Perhaps, this has something to do with jackwad putting this stuff in front of his daughter? Since the pair are friends on Facebook, poor Abi is seeing her father make a total nuisance and ahole out of himself. Sure, go and smoke a joint, while your daughter vapes. Set a positive example you scum and stop trying to peddle garbage outside of your home. If this imbecile would stop bullying his daughter and trying to be a Facebook hero, he would see that his daughter needs serious guidance and not abuse.

The Gary Mills Store

Here at Funny Dawg, we've stalked Gray's Facebook page and his daughter's Facebook page. Within a matter of minutes, two things become clearly obvious, Gary is a returd, and his is much more mature. Firstly, it doesn't seem Abi likes her family very much and she has also lost a friend to suicide. Jeez, Gary, how big of an old boy are ya? It must feel so wonderful and empowering to belittle and humiliate a 14 year old! And her school grades? She certainly did better than us!

For someone, who potentially has a bad background, Gary should learn from his past mistakes. So, old Gary shouldn't be surprised, when his daughter ends up hating him and wanting to kill him in his sleep! Don't cry, when she comes home with an African American. What comes around goes around and with the hypocritical preaching on FB, Gary isn't going to have a pleasant future. I suppose his "business" might save him, but that is beyond laughable and possibly against city code and regulations.

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