Thursday, August 13, 2015

Google And The 2016 Election Scam

When a tech giant predominately owns the international world and holds it within its grasp, one must question how much power it really maintains. As the library of the world, Google is undoubtedly very wealthy and widely popular throughout the world. The tech giant has been accused of shady tactics repeatedly in the past. I refuse to list them all, but just perform a search and you will see that a new report is released every 3-6 months associated with Google's shady tactics. It was also reported by Esquire and a few other entities that Google could be the leading decider in the 2016 Presidential Election. So how much control do they have and who do they want to win?

If we're to believe the current "poll numbers", Trump is leading the GOP and Hillary is leading the Democrats. There is no doubt that Donald Trump is generating a ton of buzz and is generating a lot of attention. At the same time, Hillary is also doing a good job of getting attention, but it has mainly been negative. By browsing the Internet long enough, you'll discover that people are split on Trump, while very few, if any, praise Hillary. Also, Jeb Bush seems to be getting very little attention, recognition or support online. Carson, Paul, Christie, Cruz and the rest of the bunch are on the verge of being ignored. Google understands this.

google manipulating election

First and foremost, we need to look at Google's current evaluation of the GOP field along with Hillary Clinton. Surely, the numbers would be entirely erratic, at this point. As you can see from the picture above, Google provides us with an "estimation" of the number of searches per month for each individual candidate. I find it hard to believe that these numbers are accurate. They're too even. Surely Trump's figures are much higher, because his media attention has soared. Plus, three others, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are identical! WTF? Use a little common sense and you will see that something is clearly wrong.

Of course, we don't need you to be a conspiracy theorist to believe something is awry. Allow me to demonstrate with the information provided below. This is an identical search, but it is one from Bing. Surely, their figures were be very similar to Google's, which is consider to be infallible. Bing's figures will be presented below.

bing search is great

Bing's figures look much more realistic to me. Whether or not you believe Trump is an idiot, a hero or you haven't made up your mind, it is painfully obvious that he is generating much more attention than ANYONE ELSE. This is very present with Bing's information. So, why is Google so far off base? Also, Microsoft's Bing shows us a trend chart, which looks very accurate. Again, this is very fishy and Google seems to be up to something very strange, but we're not finished yet!

Do you remember the figure presented above? There were 3 GOP candidates, who were stuck at 368,000 searches per month! Surely this figure couldn't miraculous appear once again. But wait! It does. Over the past few days, a Democratic candidate has been gaining a lot of steam. His name is Bernie Sanders. So, lets check out his figures.

Google Bernie Sanders

WTF? 368,000 for Bernie? Did he just become a Republican or is Google up to no good? Ah! This must be a coincidence. Nobody will believe that the super duper Google could make such a mistake. We'll run it through Bing's search engine to check the accuracy.

Google sucks

Well, once again, Bing seems to be spot on. Even the trend chart looks fairly accurate! So, can we assume that Microsoft is more trustworthy than Google? Shall we all stop using Google's search engine, so they can no longer read our emails, pick our brains and tells us what to read, what to watch and how to think? Google's "Standards of Business Conduct" insists that they're mantra is "don't be evil", but can we believe such?

The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have both given donations to Obama and they're both Democrats, but do they really care? After Obama's treatment of the company, could they making a switch to the Republican party? Or perhaps, the company is going to play the field, until someone moves ahead? Has Jon Leibowitz royally screwed the Democrats?

Take the time to head to Google and perform a search for "president 2016". I did and got a rather telling picture.

Joe Biden President 2016

Is Google pushing for a Joe Biden presidency? The results are telling! Perform the same search on Bing and the pictures and information is mixed. Are you going to allow Google to brainwash you? Biden's time is now and Google knows it! Why is Biden's time now?

  1. Sympathy of a deceased son
  2. Hillary's troubles
  3. Donald Trump's distraction

One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to put the pieces together. Hillary and Trump are at the top, but both are destined to crumble. Hillary looks like a robotic zombie 90% of the time and online comments are mostly negative. Trump might win the Republican nomination, but it would be a mistake. He cannot win the black, Latino or female vote. Welcome to 2016! Hail President Joe Biden! It isn't too late yet! Don't allow Google to use subliminal messages and pictures to sway your opinion. Ignore Fox, CNN and MSNBC, as well. They're all pushing their own agenda.

So, what is the solution? Perhaps everyone should vote for an independent and stop relying on the insanity of the two party system. Presidential Candidate Rand Paul might not be Ron, but he is undoubtedly the next best thing! Vote for the one, who was ignored by Fox the most, because they likely have the most insightful information to tell.

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