Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Josh Duggar Arrested?

In today's Biblical world, man who layeth with man shall be damned to hell, but man who layeth with child shall be forgiven! After all, the blame shall be laid upon the liberal and liberal media for they attempt to slander the name of the Christians. The Anti-Christian agenda is strong and the Muslims will soon tower over America like a cloud of damnation awaiting to hurl fire and brimstone down at those, who fail to worship the almighty Allah. Just kidding all! Everyone with a little bit of common sense understands that there is no Christianity, as there is only Jews and Muslims. They're one in the same and they're both hideous in nature.

So, was Josh Duggar arrested? Nah, who are we kidding? Josh Duggar will be arrested when the holy messiah, Vespasian, returns to earth, which will never happen. If you're a lefty, you defend child molestation. If you're a righty, you defend it even more. Bible followers defend other Bible followers, while tearing apart Bible followers, while blaming the left. But what about Billy Clinton? What about that land whale, Lena Dunham?

How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock? When one really reads the Bible and follows it like the sheep of the Duggar clan, it is no surprise to see them belittle and defile the youth. As the "word of God" implies, "Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives violated." So, which Duggar cult member will be the first to snatch the sword from Jesus's mouth and slay the Duggar children? At this point, they're near death anyhow.

Of course, Duggar fans and those also wearing blinders will understand that the liberal media is only attempting to destroy Catholicism and Christianity, because it is the "true faith". Unfortunately, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism are all the same and serve the same purpose. One doesn't have to look far to find the hypocrisy of the "turn the other cheek" Christians. Just check out right wing sites, such as Breitbart. The stupidity on there is overflowing like the site's ads. At this rate, the site might as well follow the Duggars, setup a Youtube account and beg for money.

Of course, the absurd ludicrousness doesn't really show, until you allow the painfully slow comments to load. Just take a look at: Breitbart hates pedos. and then Breitbart loves pedos. What is truly the difference, besides the fact that one pedophile is a priest? Of course, God controls everything, so I suppose he/she makes pedophiles too. Unfortunately, all pedophiles are sick bastards that should be banished from society. They're worse than murders, regardless of political or religious affiliation.

Josh Duggar Money Troubles

Well, well with the recent cancellation of the Religious Cults 19 and Who’s Counting, the Duggars have found themselves begging for cash donations. While Jill and Derick take their young child to El Salvador on a so-called religious mission to spew God’s wrath on individuals that are not willing to convert from Catholicism to Christianity, which is genuine insanity, while the rest of the 18 Duggars are busy gathering millions from poor Christians.

The child molester, Josh Duggar is free to roam about the hills of Arkansas preying on the youthful Duggar siblings, while Jim Bob and Michelle are spreading their religious believes among those that are willing to listen to the satanic regurgitation that is spewing out of their mouth.

While those saintly Christian fans are in total chaos, because 19 and Who’s Counting got cancelled, the Duggars are still offering their services to those that are willing to contribute to their money offering and large bankroll. Do not think that the Duggars are broke, because they are still probably receiving money from their reality show.

In today’s economy, which is in total ruin, the Duggars remain by God’s side with Michelle on the left and Jim Bob on the right prospering from their religious propaganda. One must wonder how religious hipocrites can stand by this family, after they allowed their adult son molest their young daughters, but it is America after all and you have the right to your own opinion and you can worship Satan if you want to.

This so-called religious cult is no better than Jim Jones and if you want to join this wonderful family, you can simply visit their Youtube videos and contribute financially to their barbaric religious lunacy.

One must wonder how Christians cannot see outside of the box, because God is supposed to make them prosperous in every sense, but they are lacking brain cells, because they continue to believe this unforeseen propaganda, which began when Flavian Josephus handed the idea down to Flavian Vespasian “The God” and his heavenly son, Titus.

Today Flavian Pope is busy spreading propaganda about the future coming of Christ, climate change, and now the new vomitus about God creating life on other planets, but Jesus is yet to visit them. Ha, ha, ha,…….

 But back to Josh Pedophile, who has reverted to YouTube, instead of relying on his Godly faith for money. If he had enough faith in Christ Almighty, he would receive millions in his bank account immediately, but I guess his sexual history stands in his way, because you must first admit to being a sinner, before God will forgive you of your sins.

I guess the Duggars need to make an appointment with Benny Hinn, since he has the healing power to grant them their every wish, but they may have to pay a large sum of cash for this powerful blessing. Would it hurt to give Benny a $3,000 donation, if you know that you will receive $6,000 in return?

Forget the preaching and begging, because it is time for Michelle and Jimmy to procreate again, ewww nasty thought.

Josh Duggar Money Problems

As a good religious family, the Duggars are happy to help out their fellow neighbors. Their recent food donation was a wonderful addition and shows that the family was able to bring in massive amounts of food to feed to poor! Oh! What wonderful saints this family is! The Martinez family arrived and agreed to be filmed, before Jimmy Bob began directing the cars, where to park. After the Martinez family parked their vehicle and started to pile up on food, the Duggars fed up with it!

How old is Jessa Duggar? It would seem very young, as she carried baby Israel in one arm and grabbed the food back with another. "Curse your gentile!" Jessa screamed, as she ran back into the building with baby Jew and two handfuls of jarred rice! As she made it inside of the store, she laid baby Israel down onto the counter and spread the rice about his tiny little body! 

"Prepare for the Brit Millah", Jim Bob demanded, as the shades were pulled and the cameras were forced to switch onto the night vision. Baby Israel was exposed, as Jim Bob grabbed the knife and made the slice. As the blood poured from the infantile's root, Jessa bowed down and finished the ceremony. Once she was finished, she raised her head, with blood still lingering about her chin and said, "Much better than being doomed to eat my own dung and drink my own urine! Thanks Daddy! Praise Allah!"

And that was the end of The Duggars Episode 166: Food, Flesh and Jewery.

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