Friday, September 18, 2015

Does America Really Want A Ben Carson President?

In today's America, the battle is on for the White House. Republicans and Demo...Republicans are furiously attempting to fight off their follow candidates, in hopes of gaining the nomination. One of the "front runners" is Dr. Ben Carson. Do American Republicans really want a Ben Carson presidency or is the controlled media playing games with the poll numbers? The truth is fairly clear, if you're an open minded individual.

The Race Baiting President

Current President Obama has been belittled repeatedly for his behavior, when it comes to race relations. He panders to the Black Lives Matter movement and bringing "clock boy" to the White House is considered to be a disgrace! Just look at Obama's relationship with Al Sharpton! WTF, right? Have no fear, because Ben Carson is the Uncle Tom, who will go against the race baiting! Carson is too smart to hang out with Dirty Old Al, right? Nope!

Just recently, Sharpton and Carson came together and had a bonding moment. In all likelihood, you never knew it, but Ben and Al share the 'same goal' for America. For Republicans, it is time to flush Uncle Ben from their system with a good purge.

The Good Old Gun Debate

Carson and Trump has a few things in common. They're both big pals of Al Sharpton. At the same time, they're interested in taking away your guns! Republicans taking away guns? Yep! Both want to ban assault rifles. In bigger, urban cities, Carson wants to impose even stricter gun control. 

Examining The Truth

With Ben Carson's rise to the top, it is almost certain that he is gaining a lot of attention right? His poll numbers are excellent, so people all over the country must be searching his name like madmen and women. Lets turn to the trusty old Bing Search for our answer.
who is ben carson

If the search results above are right, two things are clear, Trump's circus act is very entertaining and Carson isn't very popular. He does beat Rand Paul sadly, but we already know why. Who are you going to believe? Some poll that is skewered to lead you into one direction or another?
Or the results directly from the horses mouth?

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