Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pope Francis In USA - Preparing For The Pope Francis Assassination

Haven't you heard? Good ol' Pope Francis is coming to America! Unfortunately, it will most likely be his last trip to the country. Why? The opportunity is available for the powers that be to gain influence over the people and push them in their desired direction. Below, you'll learn all about the Pope's trip, his danger and the potential push behind it all.

When Is Pope Francis Coming To USA

Well, Pope Francis is scheduled to land at the D.C. Joint Base Andrew on September 22, 2015 at 4 p.m. He will visit several states during his tenure and will not return to Rome, until September 27, 2015 at 8 p.m. He is scheduled to visit Philadelphia, D.C. and New York! Can you imagine the cluster funk that is going to create? Yep! Stay away from these areas, cause it is gonna be crazy!

Setting Up The Pope Assassination

If you've been following Pope Francis from his enrollment in the pedophile cult, you should know that he's spoke about his own assassination. Could this be a precursor of things to come or have I gone Alex Jone retarded? As the Pope puts it, he is a real wimp and doesn't mind being assassinated, as long as he doesn't feel any physical pain. Hear that Mossad? Quick and painless.

The Pope's Enemies

Good ol' Pope Francis has managed to accumulate an enormous list of enemies, during his tenure as King of the psycho-pedo cult. According to the prophets of many conservative websites, Pope Francis has forsaken God and is attempting to turn people away from the church. If the pedophile behavior can't do that, nothing can. Nonetheless, Evangelic Christians HATE the "worthless communist" pope. Suffice to say, the Pope has shamed anti-abortionists, anti-immigrationists, Christians, capitalists, global warming deniers, and pretty much 80-90% of America's population. Check off the psycho Christians, because they hate the Pope and the mass majority has guns! Yikes!

Next up, ISIS. The Pope has battled ISIS, since day one and the media has taken every opportunity to let us know about it. ISIS hates Christians/Catholics blah blah and Pope is King Evil to many. Is a long wolf ISIS attack being planned against the Pope? If it is, it'll take place in America. To all you 7-11 Clerks out there, make sure you aim for the head, cause the Pope don't want no pain. You hear that Atta? Good goy!

Of course, there is one more enemy, who is enemy to all. Who? Just ask Ann Coulter. She'll tell you that it is the Jews! First up, the Pope is going to defile the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, by visiting the White House on that day! Is this a slap in the face from Musama and Pope Francis? And, the Zionists are angry at the Pope and the Vatican. The Zionists fumed with anger, after the Vatican had reached an agreement with the State of Palestine to recognize the Hamas-Fatah Arab Palestinian regime as a state. Now, the Jewish High Court has issued a demand for Pope Francis to apologize for this behavior. Yo Shlomo! Hit the target! The pope don't want no pain.

The Big Moment For The Pope Francis Assassination

Of all of the places the Pope is going to visit, he should've known better than to venture to the September 11 Memorial. What a terrible mistake. This will happen on September the 25th, which many people believe is the end times or the second coming of Jezuz. Regardless of your education level, there is no doubt that this is the best opportunity for an attack.

Remember all that Park51, 911 Mosque, mumbo jumbo? Yes, there are plenty of Islamos in New York and this could present them with an opportunity to strike. And, the 11:30 AM multi-religious service will be open to all religious fanatics from pagans to mystics to Zionists to Jihadists.

Mossad Involvement

As many believe now, Mossad was involved in 911. Just recently, The Spy Cables were released. In these, we learned that Mossad enhanced its assassination program under former Director General Meir Dagan. Also, Mossad agents remain in constant contact with Jewish community members. What a perfect opportunity, huh? Of course, some retarded Arab will be the pasty. In January 12th of 2015, the CIA and Mossad told the Vatican that the Pope could be a target. Sound familiar?

Remember the dancing Jews? They'll be back in New York in a few days and they're freshened up on their two-step and they've got brand new cameras. So, what is the purpose? The Middle East needs another war, the Iran deal cannot happen, Syrian war has gone on for way too long, Halliburton stock has dropped? Pick any.

A Pope hasn't visited the US, since 2008. Why now? Why during the Blood Moon? Time for some Super Male Vitality! Ah! The Asteroid Apocalypse! Jade Helm! GMOs GMOs! Is the end coming? Ha! We shall see, but we can only hope for the best for dear old Pope Francis and President Bashad Al-Assad. Religious war now?

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