Sunday, October 4, 2015

Donald Trump Political Party - False Flag Doctrine

When taking the time to explore the absurdity of the 2016 election, there is one candidate, who cannot be ignored, Donald Trump. He is loud, brass and downright ludicrous, but what is his end goal? Are we to believe that this gazziollinaire really care about you or me? Something is terribly fishy about the Donald Trump candidacy. Is he a part of the false flag doctrine? Let us find out, shall we?


We all know that flip flopping that has been associated with Trump. His political party has changed erratically. We also know that Trump is a good friend of Hillary and Jeffrey Epstein. What many people do not know is Don's upcoming Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. It was truly a shocker when Trump put in his bid and miraculously won, despite having no chance in heck. They broke down on the construction product in July of 2014.

The Announcement

Now, we jump forward a year. On June 16, 2015, Trump makes his announcement and bashes illegals, spics and anyone outside of America. Despite having some support, Trump wasn't a serious contender. The order knew they would need to make Trump more compelling. This is where Francisco Sanchez comes into the picture. The illegal immigrant from Mexico shot down America's sweetheart Kate Steinle and Americans around the country were shocked. Republicans vowed to eliminate sanctuary cities, but as we all know, that never happened. However, this was pivotal point in the race and quickly helped push Trump to the top of the polls.

Of course, the real mystery had only begun. Francisco war armed with a .40 caliber handgun, which was taken from a US Bureau of Land Management Agent. We're led to believe that Francisco stole is from a vehicle. Yeah, and I'll win the lottery in a few weeks. Regardless, the plant was well established and Trump's numbers soared. No matter how absurd he gets, Republicans only remember his wall and deport all quotes, which keeps him in the news.

Constant Coverage

And, Trump allies and junkies believe Trump is anti-media and the media are trying to smoother him in his sleep, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Trump is mentioned about 10,000 times a day. The rest of the bunch might get 10 mentions a day, unless their bashing Trump. This one should be fairly obvious. The media has helped. If you hear someone's name repeatedly, you'll either love them or hate them, at the end of the day. Who else was running by the way? Exactly. And we all know who owns American media.

The End Game

So, what is the purpose of Trump's charades? There has already been chatter of Trump dropping out, if his numbers drop too low. In the past few weeks, he has dropped significant and is barely over 20 points nationally. Even the latest IBD/TIPP poll has him under 20, which is concerning for Trumpeters.  At this point, is this really surprising? The Trump media circus has started to quieten and the absurdity has begun to shine through. With desperate Bible thumping, a left leaning tax plan and a horrendous debate performance, who is surprised?

So, what is the end game? Trump is the hero for right wing voters. Although some are openminded enough to see the obvious, most far right leaning voters have latched onto Trump and will vote for nobody, but Trump. When Trump is forced to drop out or loses the nomination, a new candidate will step out from the shadows and steal the election. This is a candidate, who has looked terrible and has faced tremendous criticism up until this point.

Who? It'll be a dynasty, but it won't be a Bush. It'll be Trump's good buddy and longtime friend, Hillary.

The Leverage

Aside from Trump's post office bid, what else could he have to win? Perhaps it is a small attempt to keep the little black book, which would destroy Trump, Hillary and Bush, sealed permanently? With Trump's chatter of rebuilding roads, airports and even Amtrak, maybe there is potential there?

Also, it should be known that the establishment Republicans are most likely locked into this arrangement happily. Why? With a Republican congress, what could hurt the establishment and brand more? Exactly! Fulfilling no desires and achieving absolutely nothing with a Republican congress and a Republican president. Therefore, the GOP doesn't want to face that type of failure.

Who knows? Maybe Funny Dawg has had too much super male vitality? We shall wait and see.


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