Monday, October 5, 2015

Planned Parenthood Wiki They Don't Want You To See

With the debate raging regarding Planned Parenthood's funding, the Dawg decided to dig a little deeper and uncover the truth. What is Planned Parenthood, what is their objective and are they really crushing up and snorting aborted babies? Below, you will find out.

What Is Planned Parenthood?

So, what exactly is Planned Parenthood? The American organization is a non-profit, which offers a wide range of services for women and children. The group originated in 1916 and now has 820 locations, which are primed and ready to destroy autistic fetuses. The company is best known for their associated with the heroic John Salvi.

The organization is best recognized for their efficient, quick and care free abortion services. If you've got a bump that you need to dump, Planned Parenthood will make a lump. The organization was awarded with the 2015 Anders Breivik "Collateral Damage" award for their immeasurable kill count. They were beaten the year before, by NATO.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Cost

Some women are worried about not being able to afford an abortion, but this shouldn't cross your mind. You're in America after all, so you can crush your babies skull for free! The government will provide you with the expenses free of charge! However, the group frequently insists that the operation costs around $1,500, which is very little. Cecile Richardson guarantees that they make approximately $32,000 for each fully intact baby body. Unfortunately, some of the PP employees have gotten so addicted to the sound of crushing skulls that very few intact fetuses are sold.

Suffice to say, each facility reeks of nail polish remover, Activia Yogurt and death.

Planned Parenthood Statistics

According to the organization, abortions are only 3% of their income. Right wing Bible thumpers believe otherwise and put the figure up in the 90%s. Since both elements are loony, it is more likely that the figure is around 50-70%. Why else would you go to an abortion center? Of course, there is one thing that is certain. Planned Parenthood makes Chris Kyle look like a puss. Their kill rate is 99.9% and they'll complete the task twice, if you're not satisfied the first time around!

Is The Plan To Shut Down Planned Parenthood Smart?

How would the government survive, if they were unable to generate such a massive income for abortions? Hillary's campaign millions would dwindle down to nothing, without the group. Of course, there are better reasons to keep the group running. Do you really want more autistic, worthless kids running around? They'll be taking your high paying custodial job, within twenty years. Abort them or abolish them to Mexico. With the abortion route, there is no return, so you can rest assured you'll be able to get paid to clean commodes for the rest of your life!

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