Thursday, October 15, 2015

Round It Up Program - Check Your Electric Bills

If you live in the United States and are forced to pay out the a-hole for your electricity, you should definitely take the time to check your bill this month! Many electricity companies are trying to sneak in new fees, which they claim will go to help the "needy". Doesn't the government entitlements already cover these expenses? How much does the government and rich companies, like Knoxville KUB and Comcast, expect us to payout for those that refuse to better themselves? Want the dirty news regarding these companies? They're tacking on these fees, without your knowledge, because they're already failing.

Knoxville KUB - Shameful

In November of 2014, Knoxville's local propaganda station, WBIR, reported that KUB would be introducing a new program, the Round It Up Program, which would raise money to help lower income customers. The program was schedule to start this spring and it likely did. Unfortunately for KUB, nobody in their right mind signed up for this scam. In fact, customers were already ticked off, by the company's behavior. Everyone opted out right away. Unfortunately, it only gets worse.

A frequent FunnyDawg visitor sent us a startling email. When they logged into their KUB Online Payment portal, they noticed a new button, which was conveniently hidden beneath all of the rubble. Much to their surprise, the button indicated that they were enrolled in the Round It Up Program! KUB enrolled this customer into their program, without their permission. Desperate much? If you're a member of Knoxville KUB, you will want to check your account immediately! Use the steps below to find out, if KUB is trying to steal from you.

  • Login to your online account
  • Click the payment options button
  • Look very closely at the last button at the bottom of the page
round it up program scam

Make sure that you deactivate this scam immediately and choose to have your money refunded. Luckily, our loyal visitor was aware of the change, but will others be so lucky? KUB sure hopes not. They want to give away free electricity and make their company look good, while using your money to do it!

An Ongoing Scam

Take note that this scam is ongoing throughout the country and especially in TN. It is highly recommend that all homeowners and renters check their bills. Jax Energy, BCESTN, and the Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation are also involved. Apparently, these companies think Tennesseans are stupid hicks, who won't be able to figure out their dirty deeds. Now you have been informed! Take action and put a stop to their scams!

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