Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Black Gang Rape By Ooltewah High Schoolers

Tennessee and other southern states are widely known for their redneck hicks, country music, and poor dental hygiene. Thanks to one Tennessee city and a handful of black youths, those perceptions could be shattered. In particular, the Ooltewah High School, which rests comfortably in Ooltewah, Tennessee, has become a breeding ground for horny, homosexual, blacks. In 2010, the population of the city stood at 687. Several would become rape victims, but scores more would be transformed into violent rapists. During a school trip to nearby Gatlinburg, the boys from the Ooltewah High School's basketball team decided to get crunk on 40s, while staying within a cabin resort.

The situation got out of hand, when the oppressed students, decided to lash out at white privilege. What they did next would stun the community and forever destroy the innocence of several fellow basketball players. It was December the 22nd and the team was visiting Gatlinburg for a local basketball tournament. The boys sang Christian choirs and recited Biblical passages for the majority of the night. Suddenly, three of the innocent, unarmed youths decided to act out their fathers' incarcerations. They pounced on four boys, raped them silly, and forced them to promise to remain silent.

Sadly, one attack went a little too far. As Gatlinburg Police Detective, Rodney Burns, called it during his testimony, it was just boys being boys. Just assault, not rape. The violent subhuman beings unleashed havoc on their schoolmate, while holding him down and savagely attacking him with a pool cue. The attack was so brutal that the student's bladder and colon were ruptured and needed surgical repair. As Burns pointed out, the boys did not receive any sexual gratification from the attack. It must've been a simple protest of the oppressed. Or perhaps the poor rapists were crying out for help and more money for dem programs.

The real problem with the situation is the fact that Obama's sons have barely been held liable for their actions, as is often the case. Instead, the coaches for the team have received the brunt of the criticism. Whether or not the coaches knew about the hazing matters very little. They weren't the ones forcibly holding down and raping a high school student with a pool cue. As for the three rapists, the backwards Judge Dwight Stokes felt he had pushed around his white privilege for far too long. So, he did what any good goyim would do. He refused to try the boys as adults, despite one of the boys now being 18 years old.

The real objective was to hide the identity of the boys involved. Thanks to the juvenile proceedings, the court's ruling and all parties involved will be able to maintain their anonymity. So, Ooltewah residents could be residing beside a vicious rapists, without any knowledge whatsoever. The boys will effectively receive little to not time at all. Why? It wouldn't fit the narrative the media and the Obama administration have crafted with Zavion Dobson and other pseudo black heroes. Just take a look at the picture of the Ooltewah High School basketball team below. A bunch of future cell mates just waiting around for their bunkies to drop the soap, but at least they'll stand for the Star Spangled Banner.
black rapists in tennessee

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