Friday, September 9, 2016

Another Black Lives Matter Hoax Video Asheville North Carolina

The Black Lives Matter movement loves to selectively pick and choose their battles. Instead of selecting innocent victims, the group has a habit of defending the indefensible. This week's BLM black hero is a 16-year-old female from Asheville, North Carolina. The incident took place several days ago and happened on the girl's birthday. As usual, the African American yuffs were doing nothing wrong, aside from drinking 40s, twerking in the streets, and blatantly disturbing the neighbors. Don't forget the dank. Just another day in the hood. The birthday quickly spiraled out of control with the arrival of the police. Only a 9 second video has been released in relation to the event.

The video shows Fleming struggling with an officer, before being pushed to the ground. The video ends as quickly as it begins. It offers no substance, but has still managed to get social justice warriors and white guilt losers up in arms. It is truly impossible to identify the problem and fully analyze the situation, since there simply isn't enough evidence. This is often the case with BLM videos. As always, things aren't clear cut and BLM has once again decided to defend a certified triple loser. In the video, we can tell the incident clearly revolves around the arrest of Kacee Fleming's brother, Dominique Fore.

kacee fleming crimes

Dominique put up very little resistance. Why should he? He has been in jail and prison repeatedly and is likely well familiar with the local police. However, his sister fed into the baloney being dished out by the media, BLM, and even President Obama. She attempted to interject herself into the situation and prevent the arrest of her brother. Police also allege that Fleming tried to get something out of her brother's pocket. At that point, Fleming could've easily pulled out a firearm and shot police. Thankfully, that didn't happen. However, police got a little physical with the 16-year-old perp, she was knocked to the ground, and she was eventually arrested.

Police charged the 16-year-old as an adult, which is certainly a good thing. The officer involved was identified as Shalin Oza. Who knows what type of nationality that is associated with? Nonetheless, the racial argument doesn't apply here. An Oza wouldn't be granted the white privilege, which has been bestowed upon the white race. What do we know about the situation other than the 9 seconds captured on Jewbook Live?

The Full Video
Of course the media did their best to keep the full video secret. It simply wouldn't look good otherwise. The trimmed down 9 second video is far more effective for their agenda. From the full video, we can see that Kacee fights with the cops for far too long. The cops entered a black war zone that night. But, they managed to maintain their cool and not taser anyone. In fact, Kacee was treated with kid gloves for the majority of the video. Despite the barrage of hoodrat gibberish, the cops handled the situation, arrested the targets, and headed out of the hood.

No Parental Guidance
We know positively know that Kacee Fleming received little to know parental guidance. The incident took place on Monday or was at least posted to Facebook on that day. Don't these kids have school? Why are they out walking the streets after dark with a know felon, who has a warrant out for his arrest? Of course, Kacee's mother, Crystal, also lashed out at police. She doesn't trust them anymore. According to the mother, Fleming was only trying to tell police that her brother was recently discharged from ICU. And, big momma justified the Black Lives Matter movement.

court kacee fleming

kacee fleming court blm

When you're 15-year-old and forced to head to the courthouse to see your sister's boyfriend, you got problems on your hands. And, it certainly doesn't help when you're scheduled for court too. Sadly, the social media pages for these girls are overflowing with slotty overly sexual pictures. Where are the parents? Kacee's social media tells us daddy is gone, left without even saying goodbye. Maybe he returned and let her get a tattoo at 16? That is definitely going to brighten her future!

Like Father Like Daughter
Unfortunately, Kacee and her brother have been let down by their father, K.C., who is now paraplegic. KC, aka Albert Fleming, was arrested for shooting an 18-year-old may at the Deaverview Apartments in Asheville in 2002 or so. KC and his friends attempted to rob the victim, who was shot twice, when he attempted to run away. By 1999, Fleming accumulated 13 criminal convictions. After the robbery and shooting, Fleming become a snitch. And, as the old saying goes, snitches get stitches. Poor old KC got put in a wheelchair. Fleming was shot by a "stranger" on June the 16th of 2003.

blacks hate cops
Daddy calls for cop heads

The old news report can be found here. Despite being in a wheel chair, old Albert has still managed to get himself arrested several times. In 2003, the Flemings had a bright future. They spent their days waiting to see if Albert could get government aid and waiting for the resolution of pending assault charges. Albert has had over 50 arrests since 1990. Kacee is already on a similar path.

kc fleming wheelchair

Hillcrest Apartments
It should be known that the aforementioned incident took place at Hillcrest Apartments. Unsurprisingly, the primarily minority apartment complex experiences an abundance of crime. In late 2007, a shooting within the community sparked outrage and concern from the locals. Anne wrote, "I'm scared to death of "The Projects". She also admitted she wouldn't drive through the community. Another anonymous poster complained about the able bodied men in the area that were hanging out, doing nothing, and collecting government money. Another black neighborhood. Is anyone really surprised?

In 2012, police launched an initiative to clean up the Hillcrest community. They obviously failed miserably. One local, who worked there as a General Contractor, spoke about his experience. He insisted he would observe dirty needles all over the property each and every morning. And, dirty diapers would be slung out of the apartment doors and onto the streets. Another local was baffled by the fact that the Section 8 housing community members couldn't get along with one another. Hillcrest was referred to as a crime pit where taxpayer dollars are thrown away day after day.

Finally, one local told the liberals to stop covering up for these black criminal animals. Nonetheless, Hillcrest isn't a good place and whites should most certainly stay away. Is it any surprise cops went on the defensive within the community?

Dominique Fore
After searching the media's posts of the incident, I kept stumbling across the name "Dominic Fore". This isn't the criminal's real name and was probably used as an alias to prevent snoopers from finding his criminal record. Even his social media accounts are hidden by a false name. Nonetheless, it doesn't take a genius to figure out Dominic equates to Dominique. Try harder Daily Mail. So, why were the police after Fore anyway? Surely he was a goot boy and didn't do anything wrong.

dominique fore crimes

Yep, Dominique Fore isn't a good guy. And this is just a start.

felon dominic fore

Dominic Fore is a career criminal at this point. Why was he out on the streets to begin with? And, why would momma and dadda allow their 16-year-old daughter to hang out with the guy? This is so typical with black lives matter. The group always defends the indefensible. And it is common within the black community. Criminals aren't criminals. Crimes aren't crimes. They're good boys.

Why won't Black Lives Matter stop being so much of a joke? Go to Detroit and get involved. Join Batman 3000! He'll show you where to get started. Cheerio. Detroit Street Watcheeeerrs!!! Neighborhooooood watch program!

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