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Barack And Michelle Obama Guest Invites - Hoodrats come to town!

American presidents end their 8-year term, with a memorable White House guest list. Looking back at the former Presidents of the United States, one must wonder what they are thinking, when they make out their invitations. Let’s take a look at some of the former White House guests that made the headlines.

  • Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt – Eleanor was keen on shortening the racial divide that stood between the white and black community. In the first quarter of 1934, Eleanor decided to invite Walter White, NAACP Director to the White House. This was a notable meeting that ended with work assignments and administrative positions being made specifically for blacks.
  • Dwight Eisenhower – In 1958, Eisenhower invited Martin Luther King, Jr. to the White House. This was actually the first of many White House invites that King would accept.
  • John F. Kennedy – JFK was partial to famous black people, but he refused to invite Sammy Davis, Jr. to the White House after he married May Britt, a Swedish actress in 1934. Evidentially JFK did not condone bi-racial relationships. He removed Sammy’s name from the guest list and added Frank Sinatra’. Both men had something in common they were both handsome, womanizers. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation, Kennedy invited 600 Negros to the White House.
  • Richard Nixon – In 1970, Nixon invited Elvis “The King” Presley to the White House.
  • Jimmy Carter – In 1979, Carter invited Willie Nelson to the White House. Nelson later admitted to sharing a joint with good ole Jimmy.
  • Ronald Reagan – In 1984, Reagan invited Michael Jackson to the White House. What was he thinking?
  • George W. Bush – In 2008, Bush invited Ozzy Osbourne to the White House.
Obama’s Approval Rating

The mainstream media has been embellishing Obama’s approval rating ever since Hillary Clinton put her bid in for president. It appears that the media thinks if Americans believe this hogwash that they will vote for Hillary. In August 2016, the Rasmussen Report showed that 50% of American voters approved of Obama’s job performance. This report earns a Pinocchio, because the fact is many blacks and almost all whites disapprove of Obama.

P. Diddy Combs, an Afro American mogul and rapper said that Obama “Shortchanged Us”. Of course, this statement meant that he felt Obama let the blacks down. The President’s low approval rating is no surprise, since all he has accomplished since being in the White House is inciting a race war.

Obama’s White House Invites
Now let’s take a look at Obama’s guest list. In 2013, Barack extended an invite to no other than Rick Ross. Yes, the Rick Ross that was indicted for pistol-whipping and kidnapping a repairman. Nicki Minaj, a trashy glamour ho was also invited. Nicki’s wonderful brother, Jelani Maraj was arrested in 2015 for allegedly raping a 12-year old female.

Chance the Rapper has also been a White House invite, even though he works diligently to incite racial infliction. He went public, saying that the media should call all police officers that take the lives of “innocent young black males” murderers. It is truly befuddling how these morons interpret these stories, labeling them police brutality and racists.

Alicia Keys is another idiot that was invited to the White House, by Obama. Alicia has joined the BLM, an extremist black group that entices blacks to band together to stop police brutality. Alicia is the closest thing to poo than anyone else will ever come. Obama is doing nothing but supporting these pundits on their quest to enhance racial tensions. They fail to see the major increase in black-on-black crime or they just do not care. Black-on-black crime does not sell like the police brutality conspiracy.

Another notable invite was the “Clock Kid”. Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old Muslim was arrested in 2015, while he was a student at the MacArthur High School. Ahmed’s father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed has a very interesting history in pushing the Islamophobia agenda. Apparently the sweet Ahmed worked night and day for years to develop a homemade clock that he stored safely inside of a briefcase. Several staff members became concerned with Ahmed’s invention, because it replicated a homemade bomb. He was later arrested and cuffed, which only excited the situated, putting the mainstream media on the hotplate. Well, Ahmed received worldwide support from the Muslim community. The thief, Jew-lover Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama was among the supporters. A special RSVP invite was extended to Mohamed, making his moronic father feel like he had finally hit the jackpot.

When it boiled down to it, his clock was nothing more than a disassembled clock that you can buy at the Dollar General Store for a couple of bucks. In fact, several YouTubers around the world, uploaded videos of clock creations that replicated Ahmed’s. One even disassembled the clock is less than 60 seconds.

obama and the hoodrats

Michelle Obama’s Invite
Michelle Obama probably has the lowest First Lady popularity rating ever and it is no wonder why. She is continuously strutting her stuff around and sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. First of all, Michelle decided to head up an anti-obesity campaign, changing the school lunch guidelines. Menus were changed, limiting fat, sugar, and calories.  It didn’t matter that the kids detested the Michelle Obama-Planned School Lunch Menu or the fact that the fiasco was rather costly. All that mattered to Michelle was she had finally accomplished something “big”.  It appears that Michelle did not think of this plan on her own. In fact, she joined forces with Hamdi Ulukaya and his Greek yogurt, Chobani. There idea was to bring culture enrichment to American society, getting Michelle to replace meat on the menu with his yogurt. Ulukaya is a Muslim that has friends, who like to urinate and rape 5-year-old females. He is a slimy vermin that has a long list of non-relevant friends, including the Obamas.

Many critics argued the fact that Michelle’s weight did not point to a low-fat diet. Fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood said that she was totally unimpressed with Michelle’s fashion sense, as it is “dreadful”. Westwood is a 71-year old fashionista that dresses her age, which is unlike the unfashionable Michelle.

Now, whom has Michelle invited to the White House? Well let’s start out with Lonnie “Common” Rashid Lynn, Jr. The gangsta rapper encourages anger, murder, thievery, and criminality through his songs and poems. A black male with an IQ lower than 70 gets invited to the White House by the classy First Lady Obama. Black carnage does not seem to matter to Michelle “Cupcake” Obama (Jesse Lee Peterson). It is obvious that these two quacks are working alongside these Negros that detest white people and law enforcement, even though they are being protected by subservient bodyguards hourly.

Beyonce is one of the most obnoxious female subhuman creatures alive. This piece of trash is the most racist verminous snake to ever walk the Earth. She is absolutely disgusting and her trashy performance is enough to make you projectile vomit on your TV screen. Beyonce is just jealous that she were not bore from a white vagina and the only way that she knows how to show her anger is by inciting a race war. Compare the two images below and ask yourself, “Is Beyonce bleaching her skin, so she looks white.” She is worse than the Michael Jackson.

black face beyonce

Maybe Michelle should help Beyonce change her diet. She could lose a few pounds of that cottage cheese hanging off of her buttocks and those love handles!

is beyonce white

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