Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fancy Bear And The US Dopers

During the lead up to the Rio Olympics, American media outlets had a field day with the Russian doping scandal. It was yet another attempt by the United States government to convince their citizens to develop a hatred for Russia. Those with a little bit of common sense knew from the beginning that nearly all Olympic athletes dope to some degree. Nonetheless, idiots throughout the country took up for their precious American athletes, while they single handily crushed the competition. Anyone, who couldn't see that the most likely dopers were Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, were snorting, smoking or shooting some strong stuff.

And, America used the Rio Olympics to push their feminist and black propaganda, while spreading the anti-white sentiment. The women's gymnastics team, which included two nignogs, two beaners, and a token white, gained the majority of the fame. Thanks to the hacking collective, Fancy Bear, we now know the group's leader, Simone Biles, cheated her way to stardom. While token white Madison Kocian was forced to the back of the bus, Biles dominated the competition. The media ate it up. All the while, Biles was doped to the gills.

simone biles doping

Simone Biles
Simone Biles was tested by WADA on August the 11th of 2016. The in competition test found methylphenidate in Biles' urine. While the medication is intended for the treatment of ADHD and the like, Biles is seemingly normal. She is always calm and hasn't turned into a laughing stock like Ryan Lochte. Suffice to say, she most likely doesn't have ADHD. So, why take methylphenidate? The answer is simple. Biles needed an edge over the competition. Biles was tested again on August the 14th. The results were identical.

Again on the 15th! Again, the results were the same. And the 16th. Again, same results. Unsurprisingly, Biles wasn't popped. Why? The WADA is most likely working directly with the United States to ensure their athletes receive therapeutic use exemptions for performance enhancing drugs. Even worse is the fact that Biles' therapeutic use exemptions go back to September of 2012. It is safe to say the majority of her wins were earned, while she was full of drugs. Her TUE doesn't expire until December the 8th of 2018. The next time you see Biles competing she will be on drugs. Just remember that many idiotic Americans defended Biles and insists gymnasts didn't need performance enhancing drugs. Wrong!

serena and venus williams drugs

The Williams Sisters
It has never been a secret that the Williams sisters were likely doping on something. Their bodies are ungodly unnatural. They're fifteen times bigger and bulkier than their opponents. Thanks to Fancy Bear once again, we finally know the truth. Both women have been doped to the gills for an extensive period of time. Their black superiority has been shattered. They're nothing more than cheats.

These women are simply too old to be able to compete with their younger competitors, yet they manage to beat the majority of them time and time again. Both sisters have been allowed to utilize PEDs extensively. Serena has been on oxycodone and hydromorphone. She has also been using prednisone, methylprednisolone and prednisolone. Meanwhile, Venus is on prednisone, triamcinolone, formoterol, and prednisolone. Serena needs opioids, because she is too old to compete! Yet, the WADA allowed her to dope and the drugs gave her the ability to compete at a level well below her age.

This again shows the hypocrisy of sports in America. Serena is good for tennis and the United States. Recently, American media outlets insisted nobody would watch the tennis finale, since Serena wasn't there. And, the Obama government loves a black success story, even if it is one that is propped up by drugs and a faulty system.

Elena Delle Donne
Never heard of this one? Neither had we. Elena plays women's basketball. Elena consumes amphetamine and uses hydrocortisone. She has a TUE to use Adderall, which is primarily used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Of course, when the prescription drug is used by a normal individuals, such as Elena, they are given an improved performance. Their focus is sharpened and they're able to control their impulses more easily. In 2012, Adderall was referred to as the NFL's new, trendy PED by Fox Sports.

It had also become popular among WNBA players apparently. And of course, WADA allows Delle Donne to use the drug. The 27-year-old American has cheated the system with a little bit of assistance from those higher up the food chain. The Rio Olympics Gold medal winners should return their medals.

Who Is Next?
Fancy Bear admits their recent release is just the tip of the iceberg. So, who will be next? Will it be Katie Ledecky, who smashed records and squashed her competition without even breaking a sweat? Highly likely. How about Michael Phelps? During the Rio Olympics, Phelps behaved very awkwardly. At one point, he attempted to climb out of the pool and looked oddly similar to Hillary Clinton on 9/11. His limbs were useless and he was basically pulled out of the pool by his teammates. The video was shown on NBC, before being hidden.

NBC has been contacted about the video multiple times via Twitter, but the video has yet to surface. This happened one again the next night. Phelps struggled to get out of the pool, headed back stage for a few moments, and returned perfectly fine. Was he being treated with hydrocortisone or something similar? And what about Lilly King? She looks spectacular one night and dull the next. Will Fancy Bear have anything to say about King's performance?

How The Media Will Spin It
When the mainstream media is forced to admit that American athletes are doped to the gills, they'll glance over the facts. You'll hear very little about the athletes and their preference drugs. Instead, Fancy Bear will be linked to Russia and the media will attempt to use the link to convince Americans that Russians are evil. Don't buy it. Who is Fancy Bear? As Hillary Clinton would say, at this point what difference does it make?

It truly doesn't matter in the least. Fancy Bear should be commended for their efforts, whether they're an elite hacking group or a fapping 14-year-old in his parent's basement. And, the facts need to be emphasized. If American athletes are doping with the help of WADA, they're no better than the Russians belittled relentlessly by the American media. Will they be vilified by CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox and everyone else just like the Russian athletes were? Doping is doping, whether or not WADA allows it.

If you're autistic enough to need Adderall to put a frecking ball in a hoop, you shouldn't be playing basketball. If you're old and decrepit to the point that you need oxycodone and prednisone, you should be sitting on the couch.

GSP wada doping

WADA Is A Joke
WADA is widely considered to be the best of the best when it comes to stopping drug abusers. Sadly, WADA is no better than anyone else. It is a joke and needs to be shut down or restructured. And, if the company got tricked by a phishing scheme like Hillary Clinton and the DNC, they're incompetent and should keep their files in a basement.

If WADA is going to allow certain athletes to dope with PEDs, everyone should be allowed to dope with PEDs. The Therapeutic Use Exemption gives WADA the ability to act as judge, jury and executioner. It is simply unfair and ripe for abuse. There either should be no TUEs or everyone should be allowed to use anything and everything. The WADA or any other similar group should have no say so whatsoever over who gets to use what. Be sure to follow Fancy Bear on Twitter for future updates.

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