Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary's Health - Uproar, Silence, And Pure Stupidity

Today is September the 11th. All Americans fully recognize the importance of the day and most can vividly recall the moment those towers crashed to the ground like Jenga blocks. 15 years later, another tower came crashing to the ground. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton closely resembled tower 7 on Sunday. Despite the media's attempt to spin the story, the videos are out there, the concern is real, and the damage is done. Hillary didn't wobble or stumble. She was out cold and had lost control of her lower limbs. She was physically drug into the van by her handlers. Obviously, Clinton is seriously ill, but the media, Clinton and the DNC don't want you to know about it.

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The Liberal Myth
Of course, the idiotic liberals want you to believe Hillary doesn't sweat. They want to push the narrative that Hillary is suffering from Hypohidrosis or Anhidrosis. According to Hillary's doctor, she frequently swims, walks, and performs Yoga. Those that have hypohidrosis should avoid activities, which increase the core temperature. This could also involve debates and highly stressful situations, such as serving as president of the United States. There is no proof that Hillary is suffering from such a disease. If she was, why wouldn't she say so? Hypohidrosis is minor compared to the conclusion reached by Donald Trump's supporters.

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They're not confirming it, because it isn't true. Something far worse is at play here. If you believe Hillary is coughing up a lung, being drug around by her handlers, and fainting every few days, due to Hypohidrosis, you probably believe Kim Jong Un doesn't poo poo.

The Trump Supporter's Belief
Trump supports are a little more realistic, but also wrong. Their primary conclusion is Hillary is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. This is unlikely. Clinton doesn't suffer from the Michael J. Fox shake. Even those with onset Parkinson's disease will have some shakes. Clinton does not. Clinton is capable of sitting still. Bill, on the other hand, shakes like a leaf. Nearly every time he is speaking, his hands shake and he suffers from tremors. If anyone is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, it would most certainly be Billy Boy.

Other rumors have floated around, such as Clinton is suffering from a brain tumor. Others believe she has dementia. Maybe she is the reincarnation of Bob Flanagan and has cystic fibrosis? It would justify the constant coughing and the obvious congestion. COPD could be another possible explanation. Suffice to say, the pneumonia narrative being pushed out by the Clinton camp is silly. Her pneumonia, if she does indeed have pneumonia, would be the direct result of an inefficient immune system, due to a more serious ailment.

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Ongoing Dehydration
In 2012, Hillary Clinton was supposedly suffering from a nasty stomach virus, when she got dehydrated and collapsed at her home. Today, she was supposedly suffering from pneumonia, before she dehydrated and collapsed into the arms of her handlers. MMA fighters consistently drain themselves into nothing, so they won't have to fight anyone their own size. In February of 2015, TJ Waldburger fainted during his weight cut. 21-year-old Yang Jian Bing died in December of 2015 after dehydrating himself and suffering from a possible heat stroke.

Leandro Souza died in 2013 before making weight. Of course, he was taking diuretics. Nonetheless, these guys get IVs and Pedialyte. Moments later, they're back to perfect. Hillary Clinton isn't cutting weight and shouldn't be on diuretics, unless she is trying to slim down. So, why is she dehydrating every few years? You don't have to be a doctor to know this pneumonia excuse is bullshat.

The Seriousness Of Syncope
The media and Clinton camp are playing off the fainting spell as nothing, but another Trump conspiracy. Syncope or fainting is very serious and results from a loss of consciousness, due to a lack of oxygen in the brain. In order to pass out from dehydration, the condition needs to be severe. In a normal individual, there would need to be frequent vomiting and/or diarrhea. So, how serious is Clinton's spells? When the brain is deprived of oxygen, moderate to severe brain cell death is possible and this could lead to a permanent loss of neurological function.

It could also result in lifelong mental disability and even death. According to the government's own website, 911 should be called anytime someone over the age of 50 faints. As pointed out by Dr. Michael McKenna, "Anytime you're messing with oxygen supply to the brain you are putting yourself at extreme risk."

The Real Problem
At the end of the day, it simply doesn't matter if Clinton is dealing with heat exhaustion or a prolapsed rectum. The real problem is that Clinton and her team cannot be trusted and they're not making the problem any better. The truth remains hidden, so the rumors continue to swirl. Until the truth and the whole truth is revealed, Clinton will remain on her death bed. If she didn't have something so terrible to hide, it would already be released. Sadly, the American people are being blinded by the media, who fails to do their job and demand answers.

Unless answers are given, Americans will go to polls not knowing the whole truth and those voting for Clinton will be taking a huge risk. The truth about Hillary's condition is unknown. She could die weeks after entering office, sooner, or later. We just don't know. Is the gamble worth taking? For some, it doesn't seem to matter.

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