Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sevier County High School Rape - Tennessee Has A Rape Problem

The state of Tennessee has been in the news quite a bit frequently. No, the Tennessee Vols haven't found their next Peyton Manning. Well, maybe they have, but he won't be found on the football field. While the Tennessee Volunteers struggle to put away lower level schools with less funding, a major problem is brewing behind the scenes and it all stems from the homosexual agenda and black culture. First and foremost, the African American students at UT were called out for sexually assaulting several female students. We got a big shat storm and the media ran with the story for a few weeks. Of course, the majority of the coverage focused on the University of Tennessee and its so called "rape culture".

While it is true that UT should be shut down indefinitely, the media blew it by failing to identify the perps. Why? The rapists could've been Obama's precious children. Obama hasn't been right about much during his tenure, but he was right about one thing. By judging the current status of Malia and her dope smoking, Obama and big momma Michelle would've most certainly created a Trayvon Martin had they conceived a boy. Yes, all disclosed and alleged UT rapists were nignogs.

university of tennessee rapists

Unfortunately, those cases were swept under the rug and UT goes on to play football as if nothing ever happened. Butch Jones and his ferocious nogs go free, without any repercussions whatsoever. Secondly, we have the Ooltewah High School case. We've covered the case here. Several boys were savagely raped by their fellow basketball players. Although the justice system has opted to protect the perps, it is almost certain they were nignods. And disgustingly, they anally raped fellow males. If you haven't already be sure to check out that case here.

sevier county high school rape

Thanks to the prosecutors and judge treating these criminals with kid gloves, it has happened again. Another Tennessee high school has been hit with male-on-male rape accusations. According to the news, which won't tell the whole truth, the victim and all suspects were students at Sevier County High School. The alleged rape took place on Tuesday, while the student reported the incident on Thursday. The Sevierville Police Department is conducting an investigation, but no charges have been filed. Supposedly, the victim was raped by 3 fellow students. The spokesperson for the City of Sevierville wants everyone to know that everything is fine since it "does not appear that the victim sustained serious injuries". Wow.

bob stahlke sevier county high rape

Blacks consistently cry about their school conditions, while transgenders want society to support their funked up mental problems. Sevier County High and many others in the south have no doors or locks on their bathrooms. The funding is lacking. So much for white privilege. How would Bob Stahlke have felt if it would have been his son? Those non-serious injuries would've most certainly seemed much more devastating. Don't forget the hideous hate crime against Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. During that event, Newsom was raped by a vicious black, while Christian's assault was far more heinous.

sevier county high school rapist

Where were the teachers or the principal when this was taking place? According to parents, students are supposed to get a buddy to watch over them, while they use the bathroom. The bathroom stalls have no locks and no privacy. The staff knew this and let the rape happen. A lawsuit is likely imminent. So much for that coveted white privilege.

how to get away with murder faggots

What is causing boys to viciously rape one another? Is something in the water or is the Jewish media encouraging such behavior? One only needs to look as far as ABC's How To Get Away With Murder to find the answer. The show is truly everything that is bad with television. We have a hoodrat lead, who Jewwood wants us to believe is sexy and smart. Wrong. Second, the show is filled with homo sex scenes and they're very graphic. The only thing that is missing is up close shots of the penis and anus. How To Get Away With Murder makes Amazon's Transparent look like a retelling of the gospel. Unsurprisingly, it is produced by the loud mouth, weeping nignog Shonda Rhimes.

If you take a minute to search the Internet, you will find scours of other fag scenes, which have aired on national television. MTV's Teen Wolf, Empire and more Jewy shows have attempted to portray the homosexual culture as perfectly fine. Homo sex leads to more STDs, as well as anal and oral cancers. Plus, it is beginning to develop an epidemic of male on male rape throughout the country. Although these hideous thugs should be locked behind bars, prison cannot be blamed. They haven't been in prison, thus culture and poor parenting has led to their warped mindset.

And, they haven't been in the military, so that isn't to blame either. The fag culture and the violence within thug culture has ultimately led to the faggification of America. Where were you when you realized you would be forced to send your son to school with a Chastity belt? Will the feminists and other social justice warriors come out in support for these kids? They need it much more than some drunk slot, who passes out at a party and gets fingered.

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