Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Amy Hargrove Murder - Another Coalburning Gone Wrong

Amy Hargrove had it all. She graduated from B.E.S.T. and attended Lake Washington Technical College, where she obtained an Associate's Degree. In 2007, she began working as a sushi chef with Madisonholdings. Quickly, she advanced her position and wound up managing 3 restaurants over 5 years. She also catered Microsoft events each and every week. In July of 2012, she began working for Darden. She was even named Team Member of the month for January. The Kirkland resident had everything going her way. An education, a good job, and a bright future.

Unfortunately, Amy Hargrove had a serious mental deficiency, which allowed her to lower her standards and date African Americans. Kirkland is made up of 79.3% whites and 1.8% African Americans according to a 2010 census. Nonetheless, the white guilt, lack of self esteem, and the media propaganda led to Hargrove's fatal mistake. After a failed relationship, Hargrove turned to burning coal. Her catch was Burrell Cushman, who would later become her killer. In 2010, Hargrove lost custody of her children from another relationship, due to Cushman's reckless driving.
coal burner murdered

Hargrove eventually got a restraining order against the abuser, but not until after having a child with him. She wrote "A piece of paper isn't going to save my life when he finally gets me but at least you will know who killed me." It is no secret Hargrove wasn't the brightest light bulb in the room. Her white guilt eventually got the best of her and she allowed Cushman back into her life, despite the no-contact order remaining in place. Around this time, Hargrove contacted her mother and confirmed she regretted the decision.

We should not forget that Hargrove had delved into the social justice agenda, thus deteriorating her brain even further. On Facebook, Hargrove joined Reign. The event planning group insists they attempt to reach out to youth through music. That music and the videos on the group's Facebook page is clearly distinguishable as thug culture. And, she was also a member of the Conscientious Projector. The group is also associated with economic and social justice. Unsurprisingly, the group supports the Black Lives Matter movement and screens films, which are sympathetic to their cause.

burrell bj cushman murder

During the tumultuous relationship, Hargrove took the abuse as reparation for slavery. It was her duty as a white guilt, social justice warrior to do so. And, by all means, she did one heck of a job. In a 2012 petition, she wrote about BJ's anger, receiving black eyes, and being raped at gunpoint. According to court records, Hargrove was abused for 3-years, even during the time she was pregnant with Cushman's son. In January of 2014, Hargrove failed to arrive for her shift at the local Olive Garden. Her mother immediately went on the hunt. Her body was discover on January the 6th. She was bruised and cold to the touch.

amy hargrove murder

Hargrove was beaten and strangled to death for her white sins and her decision to cross into the interracial realm.Of course, Cushman was a good boy by all means. He was only a 3-time convicted felon with convictions for 3rd degree assault, attempting to elude the law, and 1st degree negligent driving. Was Cushman lashing out at oppression at the hands of white people? If he had more money for dem programs and more EBT money, would he have turned to murder?

In the end, Amy made a terrible mistake, by dating African Americans. Didn't she know when you burn coal, you become someone people used to know?

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    You're an embarassment for all mankind and comparable to that other piece of shit cushman that you wrote about. Might as well be a rapist and murderer with all that bullshit youre typing about Amy. Fuck off and die.