Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Knoxville Clown and the Lying KPD Cops and Media

Recently, Knoxville, Tennessee residents have been bombarded with sightings of a potentially dangerous clown. Obviously, the clown is nothing more than a silly joke. Probably a friendly college student, who is out for a little fun. No harm no foul, right? Well, Knoxville's friendly police department has done goofed. The friendly KPD has gone out of their way to try and make the clown incidents seem like a social media myth.

KPD knoxville clown sightings

Unfortunately, while the clown might be a big joke and harmless, the Knoxville Police Department is blatantly lying to the public. Several days ago, the clown was spotted around UT campus. He or she was roaming around playing "purge music". The cops didn't understand it, but searched the scene anyway. Since then, the clown has been spotted several times. The Knoxville Police Department wants you to believe that the pictures are staged in an attempt to add credibility to their claims.

knoxville WBIR KPD clown
Source: WBIR
The Knoxville clown has been spotted multiple times and the KPD is well aware of it. In fact, the police dispatcher was a little hesitant to send an officer to a scene, due to its close proximity to the clown sightings.

Well, now that the truth is out there, the questions remain. Why would KPD lie about something so silly and minor? In the future, more is to come. We have already exposed the Zaevion Dobson myth thanks to our Knoxville contributor. With their help, we will be able to dig a little deeper, until the media and KPD are forced to admit that Knoxville and the University of Tennessee aren't safe for your children.

While the clown might be a joke, the stories ahead are not and they have been swept under the rug, while your children have been residing near UT campus unaware of the dangers lurking around the corner. Keep checking back for updates.

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