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We Need To Talk About Zaevion Dobson - Something Strange Is Happening Here

Here at Funny Dawg, we love to listen to our readers. From time to time, we receive comments, compliments, and even hate mail. We love all equally and read each and every submission. Just recently, we received a letter from a concerned citizen in Knox County, Tennessee. A portion of the email is provided below.

"I am getting fed up with the insane hype built up around Zaevion Dobson. Something seems fishy with this case but everyone seems to be rolling with it. Sites that struck out against Trayvon Martin have praised Zaevion without looking into the matter. Lonsdale is no joke. I am not surprised at all something like this would happen here. Can you look into the situation? Thnx!"

We too were slightly skeptical regarding the Dobson case. The situation just seems a little too convenient to be true, doesn't it? The case had all of the right elements. Innocent African American youth gunned down. Seemingly good student and solid football player. He had turned to God and was staying out of trouble. What isn't to like? A GoFundMe was setup and it raked in around $65,000, which went directly to Zaevion's mother, Zenobia. A portion of the money would be used for Zaevion's brother, Zack, and his college education. Of course, he will likely get a scholarship and so on and so forth.

So, should we be good little sheep and believe what we're told? Of course not! After an extensive amount of research, we've come to the conclusion that something is very strange with this case. Below, we'll provide you with some of our findings.

knoxville tn fulton high school

Fulton High School
When something goes awry amongst the youth community, the problem is usually easily diagnosable by looking at the local school system. According to locals, Fulton High School places a significant emphasis on their football program, while seemingly ignoring academics. This is usually problematic and it undoubtedly was at Fulton. Fulton's official website features an address from Rob Speas, the executive principal at the school. According to the message, Rob has managed to help increase graduation rates from 46% to 85%. That is a bad sign. Nonetheless, the small Knoxville school is responsible for producing two former NFL players, DD Lewis and Ron Widby.

Despite Rob's propaganda, one only needs to look at parent reviews of the school to discover that Fulton is riddled with problems. The school has been criticized repeatedly for its inability to prepare children for college, the nonexistent discipline, and the school's decision to put athletes above everyone else.
fulton high school thugs

According to statistics, Fulton High School is home to around 950 students. Minorities make up more than 52% of the school population. And, just like in Trayvon Martin's case, the school officials have done their best to manipulate the system to ensure problematic kids, especially those of a darker hue, graduate at all costs. Parents know it, school officials know it, and the kids know it as well.

fulton high school tn racial problems
blacks at fulton high school

The school has racial problems and the minorities are given special treatment. This isn't shocking really, but digging deeper isn't for the faint of heart. Fulton High School students seem to have very little supervision at all.

Fulton High School has more fights than teachers. And, the majority of the squabbles involved black-on-black or black-on-white assaults. Alone, this would matter very little, but the mentality of the students at Fulton will undoubtedly tell us a great deal about Zaevion and his brother, Zack. Just keep the school's volatility in mind, as we proceed lower.

lonsdale knoxville tn crime

If you hadn't heard, Zaevion and his family lived in the Lonsdale area of Knoxville, Tennessee. During the 1920s and 1930s, the small community ran into hard times. The Great Depression, bootlegging, and moonshining forced out the locals and police raids became very common. Eventually, the buildings deteriorated and Lonsdale turned to decay. In the 70s and 80s, the crime within the community soared to new heights. The community was eventually rebuilt in the 1990s and 2000s. Now, it is primarily home to minority families, such as the Dobsons.

Today, Lonsdale is a no-go for white residents. It is filled with crime and gang activity is rampant. In 2007, a shooting sparked outrage in the community. Law abiding locals were upset by Lonsdale and the equally awful Western Heights and their low income inhabitants. According to locals, both communities are overflowing with drugs, crimes, and tax payers are footing the bill. In 1996, a 5-year-old, by the name of Brittney Daniels was gunned down in the Lonsdale area. The incident was indeed gang related.

In September of 2015, 4 Knoxville gang members were convicted of a deadly 2013 shooting in the Lonsdale area. Terry Vonner went on a shooting spree in Lonsdale back in 2012. During the trial for the State of Tennessee vs. Terrence Lamont McDonald, who was accused of 4 counts of aggravated rape and 1 count of reckless endangerment, a prosecutor spoke out about the nature of Lonsdale. The prosecutor admitted it would be impossible to find neighbors in Lonsdale that would be willing to be witnesses for a domestic assault of any kind. He was telling the truth. And, it gets worse. Just check out the videos from Lonsdale and nearby areas.

The list goes on and on. This is simply a reminder of the thug culture of Lonsdale and Knoxville in general.

The Angel Persona
Immediately after the shooting of Zaevion Dobson, local officials, community leaders, and the KPD colluded to bestow the Angel Persona upon the boy. With Trayvon Martin, it was widely known that Martin wasn't perfect. He mugged for the camera, threw up the middle finger, and liked to fight. In the wake of Dobson's death, the narrative continued, ESPN got into the mess, and Obama praised the boy's heroics. According to media accounts, Dobson was a good boy, had turned to God and was a genuine hero!

Growing up in Lonsdale isn't easy and those that come from the area will likely follow the path of those before them. Was Zaevion the angel he was perceived to be? Not exactly. I was a little bewildered to find that local officials hadn't scrubbed their poster boy's social media accounts. And, Zaevion wasn't the only one, who had trouble with violence. His brother and friends were also involved in various altercations.

thug zaevion dobson

Zaevion grew up in Lonsdale and he knew first hand it was in his best interest to be tough. This was evident in 2012, when he attempted to fight with another local.

zaevion dobson fight

And of course, Zaevion's relatives nag it on. Zaevion's brother was no different. Zackelyn was suspended in 2012 for viciously busting another student's nose. Instead of showing remorse for his behavior, Zack simply defended his actions and insisted he didn't flee from the classroom after the assault.

fighting zack dobson

And finally, the customary killa swag. Straight up gangsta yo!

zaevion dobson killa

Also, take a moment to check out the Facebook profile for the friend, who was with Dobson on the night of the shooting. Louis McNair's Facebook profile is full of criticism for white people and the police. And, we have the unoriginal gang signs and middle fingers. Maybe someone should tell McNair it was another black who killed his friend, not a white and not a cop.

lous mcnair zaevion dobson

Sadly, Lonsdale doesn't create angels. The community is overflowing with the thug culture, thus it created thugs of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

shooting of zaevion dobson

The Shooting
At the end of the day, none of the above matters. It all comes down to the night of the shooting and whether or not the hero narrative is true. The shooting happened on December the 17th of 2015. When you look at the original reporting of the incident, you won't find a single mention of a young hero. According to the report, the incident started near Dallas Street, when shots were fired into a woman's home. Then, the shooting headed over to Badgett Drive, where Zaevion was murdered. Finally, one shooter was shot and killed while driving in his car. He crashed into an apartment building, before being take to UT Medical Center.

Later, it was revealed that Lisa Perry was the first victim on Dallas Street. A 10-year-old was inside the home with Perry, but was not hit. Perry's son, Brandon, decided to get revenge. So, he supposedly joined Christopher Bassett and headed to Badgett Drive in Lonsdale. According to police, Bassett admitted to shooting in Zaevion's direction. Was the shooting random? Who shot up Lisa Perry's home? After 40 some shots were fired, Perry and Bassett fled the scene. Police believe Brandon Perry's vehicle was shot at from another vehicle. Nonetheless, he died several hours after being moved to UT Medical Center. Two men were arrested. Bassett was kept in custody, while the other one was released. Police were also looking for Kipling D. Colbert. Colbert was eventually caught and questioned.

Of course, Christopher Bassett and Richard Williams were both charged with 1st degree murder for the shooting. Who knows why Knoxville police had a change of heart? The real question is what happened during those few moments on Badgett Drive? According to President Obama, Zaevion saved 3 people. This is the first contradiction.

oabam zaevion dobson

According to local media outlet, KnoxNews, Zaevion shielded Faith Gordon, 17, and Kiara Rucker from gunfire. Police insist 8 people were on the scene at the time of the shooting. Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch admits Dobson and his friends were singled out by gang members. Were they just looking for someone to shoot? We know Larry Eugene North witnessed the event, thanks to People. If this is indeed the correct Larry Eugene North, one has to wonder why Dobson and his friends were allowed to hang out with a 21 year old felony. Where was Zenobia?

Conflicting Accounts
The accounts regarding the moments when Dobson was shot and killed are hazy at best, but there are plenty of video interviews with witnesses. And, they're incredibly telling. 4 days after the attack, Faith Gordon and Louis McNair sat down with the Knoxville News Sentinel. Their testimony is baffling to say the least. Be sure to check it out here. According to Louis, the men came out of the cut or cutlass and approached. He admits he ran and the men opened fire seconds later. Faith insists the men walked to the middle of the street, but there was no car. This visibly disturbs Louis.

Faith admits Louis pointed out the suspects. Then, Faith insists Zaevion pulled her and Kiara to the ground, before getting in front of them. Despite the media claiming Zaevion was on top of the girls, Faith admits she got up and pulled Zaevion up by his hair. Faith heads inside, upstairs, and back outside. Then, she shows Kiara the body. Zaevion's brother, Zack, arrives and is happy to survive. He is transported to the back porch, where he is shown Zaevion's body. Then, Faith goes on about her dislike for Zaevion. Suffice to say, the interview is very strange.

If Zaevion was on top of the girls, how did they get inside? How did they pull him by the hair? Don't worry. This blemish is rectified in future interviews, as if someone is instructing the girls what to say. Check out the video here. The girls give another interview months later. This time, the news reporter insists the kids were on the front porch. And, we hear from one of the girls, who confirms a couple of guys arrived and stood nearby. The men started shooting and most scattered. The two girls stayed behind with Zaevion, who dropped to the ground. Once on the ground, Zaevion tried to grab the girls and put chairs on top of them! WTF? Then, the girl goes on to say the shooting went on for a couple of minutes.

Kiara opened the door and instructed the others to crawl inside. At 3:11, the mistake is made. Faith nearly admits she walked inside. She corrects herself and insists she was forced to get Zaevion off of her, before getting up and realizing Zaevion is dead. This time, there is no mention of heading upstairs. Memories change over time, but the "walking" and "crawling" are difficult to ignore. Brace yourself, because it gets even crazier!

Enter LaTasha Colbert
Say hello to LaTasha Colbert. Most have never heard of Colbert, because her side of the story doesn't match the narrative. Colbert owns the home, where Zaevion was killed. There are two interviews with Colbert. The first took place on January the 28th and was conducted by WBIR. Colbert hears gunshots and calls 911. She opens her back door and finds Zaevion on the porch. WBIR's John Becker quickly throws in a mention of Kiara and Faith.

And, the second video interview was conducted by WATE on January the 29th. It can be found here. Again, the reporter speaks with LaTasha. As Nair points out, Zaevion was killed on LaTasha's porch. Again, Colbert hears gunshots, calls 911, and opens the door. She discovers Zaevion on her porch. Colbert shuts the door and locks it. Colbert heads upstairs to her daughter's room and discovers it filled with broken glass. This time, it is WATE's Mona Nair, who adds mention of Kiara and Faith.

The question should be obvious. How did Faith and Kiara escape into the home, head upstairs and back down, without crossing paths with LaTasha Colbert? Were Faith and Kiara even at the shooting? Their absence would justify Faith's lack of gratefulness in the earlier interview, which took place 4 days after the shooting. Isn't it funny how Mona Nair and John Becker interject the girls into the picture, while Colbert doesn't mention them at all? Colbert is supposed to be Faith Gordon's aunt. Yet, she doesn't mention her at all.

It is also painfully obvious that Zaevion was never on top of the girls. In all likelihood, he was targeted with his friends, some who were gang members. Could Zaevion have been gang related? Possibly, but maybe not. However, the much older Larry North was there. Was he the target? At this point, it isn't even clear, if Faith and Kiara were even on the scene during the time of the shooting.

Kiara's Strange Social Media Posts
If Kiara Rucker was nearly gunned down in the middle of the night, wouldn't she be afraid of guns and men, who carry them? When taking a look at Kiara's Facebook page, you will find something right out of a satire comedy. It is frightening and sad, yet laughable. On Kiara's timeline, the picture below comes first.

zaevion dobson kiara

This wouldn't be problematic, if it wasn't for the subsequent picture.

Kiara Rucker gangster
There is a time and place for everything. This isn't the right time nor place Kiara. Or maybe she is trying to tell you something?

The Shooting Of Jajuan Latham
Don't forget the gang related shooting, which took place months later, and took the life of Zaevion's cousin, 12-year-old Jajuan Latham. Was this an attempt for retaliation, due to the death of Perry? Despite Jajuan's father insisting he wasn't a member of a gang, the rumors were rampant.

The Sad Truth
At the end of the day, Zaevion Dobson is simply a sad statistic. Several months after the Zaevion Dobson shooting, Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch had soared to fame. He even went to the Whitehouse for a meeting about opioid abuse. Or, did he go to be thanked for helping set up this propaganda scheme? The city of Knoxville received quite a bit of money, thanks to their opioid problem. Are Dobson and Rausch to be credited? Mayor Madeline Rogero has worked hard to transform Lonsdale into a success, but it has remained a failure. Could she have attempted to use Dobson's death to propel herself into the spotlight?

Something is very fishy about the Zaevion Dobson case. The facts certainly do not fit the narrative that is being spun by the media, the Knoxville Police, and President Obama. And, don't forget about the 100 Black Men of Knoxville, which has received an abundance of attention for their connection to the case. Where was Zaevion's mother, Zenobia? In the beginning, media refused to show her face and only showed her from behind. It takes time to withdraw and being looking like a decent human. Could this be the reason?

At the end of the day, we may never know. However, we sincerely believe the NFL, ESPN, KPD, Obama and others have been complicate in creating and spreading the myth of Zaevion Dobson. Will the truth ever come out? Who knows? To our reader in Knoxville, be sure to stay away from Lonsdale!

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