Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Tennessee Politicians Don’t Want You To Know About Immigrant Crim

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to one of the most popular NCAA sports programs in the United States. University of Tennessee offers students from all walks of life the opportunity to earn a degree that will carry them throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately the city is riddled with crime, but you would never know this, because the politicians (on local and federal levels) are diligently keeping this hid.

The Police of Chief, David Rausch recently went public about his concern for the increasing number of accidental suicide, linked to prescription drug abuse. He went so far as to address Congress about the opioid epidemic and request federal funding to combat the issue. This would include substance abuse treatment and an overabundance of Naloxone. Congress is set to pass a bill to combat opioid abuse that would make TN eligible for $24 million over a 2-year time period.

While Rausch is busy being an advocate for the victims of substance abuse, the crime in Knoxville continues to spiral out of control. In the meantime, WBIR, WATE and Knoxville News Sentinel are refusing to report on these crimes, keeping the residents in the dark. Bill Haslam, Bob Corker, and Lamar Alexander are so busy advocating for the University of Tennessee that they refuse to admit that there is a crime problem. However, if you are interested in this data, you can always visit the Raids Online Crime Mapping website, which offers a layout of crime in the city and outlying areas. You can click on the color-coded map blimp symbols to get a brief overview of the crime and location.

In 2014, Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam, voiced his opinion about legal immigration. He stated, “Illegals could have a significant impact on state and local governments.” Many Tennesseans are probably not even aware of the fact that the state is classified as a “sanctuary city”. According to Lavinia Limon, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants President, immigrants become a legal resident of the U.S. as soon as they land in the country. As of 2016, over 11,000 Syrian refugees have already made their home in the U.S. and $1.5 billion (last year) was spend on employment and health services for these protected groups. Haslam recently spoke to the press, stating that 1,000 more immigrants are expected to arrive by the end of the year.

It seems that migrants are being strategically located in predominately republican and white communities. Obama and the democrat senators and representatives are working overtime, like honeybees to make sure that the republican voting districts are reduced to squalor. If this continues at this pace, the republican politicians can kiss their positions and opportunities goodbye. There will surely be more “white flight” activity in the near future, because there will be no employment opportunities and the crime rate will continue to escalate out of control in these states.

Here is one example of immigrant crime in Knoxville. Hadadi is charged with rape and kidnapping, but was released after a 72-hour hold.

Andreas is charged with premeditated attempted murder.

Gomez is also charged with premeditated attempted murder. Gomez and Andreas were probably working as a team to eradicate their victim. UPDATE: WBIR finally reported today that Gomez and Andreas were working together to ambush the two KPD officers. 

Abdullah is charged with intentional aggravated burglary, with assault. 

Hermosillo is charged with burglary of a vehicle and attempted theft. It appears that he has failed to abide by the terms of his probation. 

Caceres is charged with aggravated burglary and sexual battery. 

Sanchez has committed too many crimes to mention them all, but be sure to take note of his aggravated rape and attempted first degree murder. 

Munoz is charged with counterfeiting. 

The moral of the story is that these crimes goes unnoticed. The Tennesseans have the right to know this information, because they are considered public records. Unfortunately for many, they do not find out about these statistics until they become a victim. Americans are more than willing to invite refugees into their country, but it appears that Obama has chosen the worst from the list. UT students and their parents need to know about these crimes, as well. Many of the female students are forced to walk back and forth from their apartment to the UT Campus every day. Just imagine if one of these criminals are lurking around the corner, just to nab your precious child. 

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