Sunday, September 4, 2016

White Privilege And The Justice System

There are many who claim the criminal justice system is racist and treats African Americans more harshly than their white counterparts. While the criminal justice system could undoubtedly improve with a few tweaks, the racial argument is simply illogical babble from liberals and those with white guilt. As of July the 30th, 2016, BOP statistics conclude the inmate population is made up of 58.8% white inmates and 37.7% black inmates or 113,733 inmates versus 72,845 inmates respectively. The African American population equates to only 13% of the total population in the United States. Surely something is wrong here. Or is there?

Black children are brought up in violent communities by violent parents, while being told police are evil and white men will always hold you back. Unfortunately, this leads blacks to believe they’ll never get ahead. Their only chance for success is football, basketball, or prison. Most choose the latter. Whites clearly attempt to steer clear of black neighborhoods. Chicago and Detroit are two fine examples of classic White Flight. Now, the two cities are in turmoil, buildings are collapsing to the ground, and black-on-black crime is rampant. Since whites have left these cities, blacks have nobody to blame, but themselves.
black on black murders

While the mass majority of murders have been segregated, whites are killed much more frequently by blacks than the alternative. The latest BOP statistics clearly show this.

black on white crime

One doesn’t need to look at statistics to quickly discover that blacks love raping white women. The complete opposite of this rarely occurs. Just take a glance at the latest University of Tennessee rape scandal. And, take a look at the Vandy boys. Brock Turner may deserve longer, but countless blacks walk free of rape charges frequently. At least Brock was forced to spend a little time behind bars, whereas blacks are allowed out of the charges completely with assistance from their schools and coaches, such as Butch.
university of tennessee rapes
UT Rapes

rapes at vandy

So, why do blacks spend more times behind bars than their white counterparts? Is it racism? Not at all. Blacks are repeat offenders thus they consistently receive increased sentences with each consecutive arrest. The recidivism rate amongst blacks is far higher than that of whites, Hispanics, and other races. Blacks receive lengthier sentences for smaller crimes, because they’re not first time offenders.
recidivism rate of blacks

It is no secret that capital punishment is the harshest in the United States. Countless offenders plead guilty so they can escape electrocution or lethal injection. So, if the American justice system was indeed racist, African Americans would be executed at the speed of lightning. Of course, this isn’t true.
More whites are on death row and more whites are executed. Now, that is what I call white privilege.
death row whites vs blacks

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