Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why Are White People So Racist And How It Impact Minorities?

It is widely believed that the white population as a whole is predominately racist. These individuals are responsible for bringing down the black man and preventing them from getting ahead. Although racism itself is frequently covered by the mainstream media, the underlying cause or causes of racism are not. Kindergarten classes often feature a mixture of races and the problems are fairly minute. However, as children begin to age, separation becomes more and more prevalent. The conclusion is racists are made not born. What is causing so many whites to segregate themselves from minorities? The answer is clear, yet the media keeps it hidden from the masses.

black and white murders

Becoming A Victim
CNN, PBS, NBC, and ABC don't want you to know it, but thousands of whites become victims of black crime each and every day. Some incidents are covered by the local media, but the majority are not. And, these incidents aren't some petty shoplifting either. Just take a look at Mike Brown and his behavior within the local convenience store. The gentle giant pushed his weight around and scared the beejezus out of the oriental shopkeeper. Geez, I wonder how that guy feels about African Americans now? Does he shiver and tinkle himself a bit when a big black walks through the door?

Just take a moment to do a quick news search for African American suspects or black suspects. You'll find scores and scores of blacks attacking whites, blacks, Asians, and everything in between. Here is one such case. The poor Asian delivery man, who was attempting to earn an honest living, was beaten bloody by two blacks. In all likelihood, he will never trust blacks in the future. How about this male-on-male sexual assault? Gee whiz, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

The poor victim will likely be warped for life and his mentality will change forever. Regardless of his race, it is no doubt he will be a little more cautious around those of a darker hue. How about the case of Rodney Sanders? How will the family members of the two white nuns feel now? What about the 17-year-old black guy slapping around a 5-year-old white girl? Bet her parents love blacks now! The list could go on and on. If you were brutally assaulted by a black person, who broke into your home, how would you feel? Would you be so quick to tuck your balls between your legs and march alongside BLM and the Black Panthers?

Jermichael Lindsey rapist

The Media's Hypocrisy
The media does many things terribly wrong, but they're great at dividing and hiding. Media often refuses to shed light on black-on-black and black-on-white crime. It doesn't generate ratings and it doesn't fit the narrative. Where is the black Casey Anthony? Will there ever be a black Jodi Arias? In general, a black person kills someone almost every day in America and their crimes are far hideous than the aforementioned criminals. Nonetheless, their crimes never see the light of day. Take the "Grim Sleeper" as example. His crimes were terrible, he killed scores of black women, and he was virtually ignored.

And Anthony Sowell? Nope, you'll hear hours and hours of talk show chatter about the hideous Brock Turner though. Bet you've never heard of Jermichael Lindsey. Oh boy Jermichael was arrested for a potential rape about 6 years ago. His case went to trial and he was acquitted. End of the story, right? Wrong. Jermichael got uppity and committed a similar crime once again. This guy attacked a 23 year old FAMU student. He forced her into the trunk of his sedan, took her to a vacant mobile home, and raped her silly twice. Lindsey's semen was found on a piece of toilet paper in the vacant home, yet he denied ever being near the abandoned home. Big no, no.

And, Lindsey has multiple arrests for kidnapping, dog fighting, sexual battery and more. Never heard of him? You're not the only one. It is a wonder Bill Cosby was ever drug down by the mainstream media. Of course, his career is over anyway.

Dead? Good! All is forgiven
Dylan Roof undoubtedly took his aggression out in the wrong way, but his case can tell one a great deal about the media and white's attitudes towards blacks. Roof was angered by the Trayvon Martin situation, even going as far as claiming the event led to a racial awakening. Do you think he is the only one? The problem with the cases BLM and the media want to push is that they involve crims, who shouldn't be walking the streets anyway. Mike Brown wasn't innocent, Trayvon Martin wasn't innocent, and Philando Castile wasn't innocent.

Alton Sterling certainly wasn't a good boy either. Nonetheless, these criminals are killed and transformed into martyrs. Why does this matter? Whites are transformed into the worst, most hideous monsters in society, if they do anything wrong. Dog The Bounty Hunter makes racial comments in private and is canned. Hulk Hogan goes on a racist rant and he is turned into the world's worst serial killer. How about John Rocker? Rocker expressed himself and his opinions and basically lost it all.

The list goes on and on. The media fans the flames and promotes racism from both angles. It manipulates the weak minded into supporting the racist BLM movement, while further enraging the racial enlightened.

coal burner murdered

Racists Are Made, Not Born
Just remember that racists are made and not born. While some are indoctrinated by propaganda, the majority of racists are created by the actions of minorities. If black lives mattered so much, perhaps they would stop fanning the flames and trying to make everyone hate them? And, what does racism really do anyway? If Hulk Hogan calls Chris Brown a nignod, will it cause Chris Brown significant pain and suffering? Would it stop him from making millions from stupid whites?

Nope, racism is a protective mechanism and has little to no effect on those being targeted. If more white people were racist and racially aware, there were be far less black-on-white crime. Why? These fools wouldn't be hanging out where they're not wanted and where they simply do not belong. Carolyn Marie Leete might be alive today had she been racist. Makayla Bunting should've been racist. She'd still be alive! And Ashley Atherley? Racism would've saved her life!

Will you become a racist, when a black man or woman attacks and kills your daughter or son? Will your white guilt be diminished when your child is relentlessly bullied by the black kids at school? Racists are made each and every day. Those that aren't racist are simply naïve and putting themselves in harm's way each and every time they march in line with BLM and agree to move to the back of the pack.

good boy john rocker

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